Another Tumbler

It seems everyone these days wants to build their own Tumbler. This Tumbler is built by Australian native Grant Hodgson and features a big block Chevy 454 cubic inch motor with a small splash of nitrous for good measure. The base engine puts out 560 horsepower. No telling what the engine can do with a … Read more

Pantera with 600HP SBF V8

From comes this great Pantera with a bored and stroked 408 cubic inch small block Ford Windsor making roughly 600hp. Original Panteras came with a 351 cubic inch Cleveland rated around 310 hp. Custom stainless steel headers and exhaust were used. The suspension was upgraded with adjustable coilovers at all four corners and Wilwood … Read more

Pro-touring 1969 Camaro from Prodigy Customs

This 1969 Camaro was built for a Pro-touring Forum member for mostly drag racing and looking cool driving down the street. The engine is a LS7 crate motor and will receive some upgrades including a new cam to boost the power output. The transmission will use the Twist Machine 4L65 manumatic. The car has a … Read more

GT-R Crashes in USA: So Begins the Engine Hunt

No doubt modders have been daydreaming of using the powerful 3.8L twin-turbo VR38DETT in all kinds of cars since it was announced. Jalopnik has confirmed what appears to be the first GT-R crash in the United States. Unfortunately due to the power of this beast we are going to see more boo-boos resulting in some … Read more

Chainsaw Powered Motorcycle

Straight out of the unique engine swap folder comes the Dolmette motorcycle which is powered by 24 chainsaw engines. The chainsaws put their power to the ground via a single belt drive system. All together the engines make 24 cylinder 1.9 liter engine putting out around 167 horsepower and about 100 ft.lbs. torque. Dolmar explains … Read more