RB26 Powered Drag Miata Almost Crashes

Mazda Miata with a turbo RB26 inline-six

The Mazda Miata in the video below comes close to hitting the wall several times. At the end of the video the driver explains the 2.6 L RB26 inline-six got too hot waiting to race and the core plug blew out spilling coolant on one of the rear tires during the race. The Miata previously … Read more

Six-Rotor Monster Mazda Motor

7Tune is correct when they say everyone is going to write about this beast. Pulse Performance Racing has completed building a six-rotor engine. I have seen what a four-rotor engine can do, so I am very excited to see this turning some rubber. If you have enough money I am sure Pulse will build you … Read more

Porsche 911 with LS7

Two videos of a Porsche 911 with a LS7 motor swap. The first video is just a walk-around while the second show the car driving off. Everyone has an opinion on this type of swap as evidence by the source link below. Source: VWVortex