NASA Spec LS1 Miata at Infineon

This is a great video of a LS1 powered Miata racing at Infineon in the Super Unlimited class. The driver explains he obtained a penalty in qualifying which forced the him to begin the race in the back. Grab some some good headphones and experience 19 minutes and 22 seconds of awesomeness. Source: LS1Tech

Dacia Duster with a VR38DETT

Dacia Duster with a VR38DETT V6

Someone has decided to take Nissan’s top engine, the VR38DETT, and swap it into a small Dacia Duster to attack Pikes Peak 2011. The Duster will race in the “very fun” Unlimited class. The car was designed and built by Tork Engineering, while the engine was built by Sodemo. The engine was upgraded to produced … Read more

Lexus GS300 with a LS1 V8

Lexus GS300 with a LS1 V8

Looking under the hood of this Lexus GS300 will either make you smile or curse. In the engine bay the factory 2JZ has been replaced by a LS1 from a 2004 Pontiac GTO. The current engine setup is producing 320 horsepower and 340 ft-lbs of torque. The engine was installed using DGR Fabrication’s LS motor … Read more

1966 Chevelle with 6.2L V8

The first engine swap that went into this Pro-Touring 1966 Chevelle was a 454 big block. It had some torque but it was heavy and didn’t help the handling very much. So the next engine was a lighter and more powerful 6.2L L92 out of a low milage 2008 Cadillac. The engine was upgraded with … Read more

BMW X3 M Triple Turbo Straight Six

BMW’s new X3 M will carry a slightly modified 2012 BMW M3 engine. The rumor is the motor will be a 3.2L straight-six and might have three turbos (one electric and two exhaust) and produce around 449 bhp. Source: via Motor Authority