Audi Could Use Lambo Factory Swap

I don’t know if this falls under the traditional feeling of a swap seeing as this is factory based but it seems interesting Audi may use the same 5L V10 engine currently used in the Gallardo for its RS 5 model. The Lambo engine is capable of outputting 500 hp. Source: eGM Car Tech

Gunbus: Motorcycle Meets Airplane

When I first came across this article from Autoblog I thought it was very creative using an airplane engine in a motorcycle. After further reading I realized the engine was roughly 410 cubic inches. The first image is deceiving and you get a greater understanding of how to fit an engine that big on a … Read more

Japanese Classic Car Show

The 3rd annual Japanese Classic Car show held in Long Beach, CA had a great number of classic cars. There were plenty to talk about but here are just a few that stuck out with great swaps. Mike Haviland’s carbon fiber bodied Honda Z600 with a side-mounted Hayabusa engine Kelvin Hiraishi’s RB-powered 240Z Source: Japanese … Read more

Video of LS1 Swap in Civic

Swapping a LS1 drivetrain in a Civic would probably equal one fast and hard to control vehicle. Well thanks to someone with a video camera we can hear and see this crazy engine swap. Source: Carscoop

BMW 535 Swap Video Tutorial

GeezersGarage is back with segment 12 of his on going tutorial series of swapping a LH6 (LSX family) into a old BMW. Again his focus is on factory parts to keep the cost down. Make sure to check out the rest of his videos here.