Bugatti Veyron Engine Swap?

The reason this is listed with a question mark is because it is just that, are we ever going to see the massive quad-turbocharged DOHC 64-valve W-16 in something besides a Veyron? With confirmed reports of someone having more money then brains and with more stupid people being born every second, someone should soon be … Read more

Pontiac LeMans with Supra 7M-GTE

Ralf Becker tired of the German culture of originality in cars and after receiving a free 1972 Pontiac LeMans from a video game promotion decided he wanted to really make a statement. His creation is a turbo Gen 3 Supra inline six running off of 108 octane bio-methanol. He recognizes some car clubs may want … Read more

Nissan Pulsar with Ferrari F355 V8

Take a Nissan Pulsar and give it a Ferrari 3.5L V8 from a F355 and you get this. A decent amount of work went into this engine swap. Anytime you take a FWD car and switch it to a RWD mid-engine setup you are looking at some serious work. Some commenters have stated it has … Read more

2.8L V8 From Two Hayabusa Engines

I have been seeing a lot of talk recently using two motorcycle engines to make a V8 engine and swapping this into really light cars. Hartley Enterprises is a company who has developed the H1 being currently used in the DP1. The H1 currently weights 200 lbs and with 170 CID delivers 400HP @ 10KRPM … Read more

1962 VW Bus with TT Porsche 993 mentioned this 1962 VW Bus powered by a 408 hp twin-turbo Porsche 993 engine. The creators of the swap included a six-speed transmission, vented brakes, full independent suspension, full race frame, and 3-piece 18-inch BBS wheels. The objective as stated on their website was to transplant as much of the 993’s internals as possible … Read more

1994 Integra with Mid-Engine H22A4

This mid-engine H22A4 Integra featured on is a very impressive swap created by RaceCity_USA. The amount of work going into this shows from the length of the project. The thread starts Sept. 2004 and continues with dyno testing in May 2007. There are a total of 105 pages he makes reference to on the … Read more