RWD F20C Honda Civic

This Honda Civic appears to have its entire drivetrain swapped for a S2000 F20C drivetrain. If anyone knows more about this car please let us know. Source: Cardomain blog

Hedman LS Swap Kits

Hedman Hedders has just released a new set of LS swap kits. The kits are available for 1964-1967 A-body, 1967-1969 F-body, 1970-1981 F-body, 1978-1987 G-body, or 1983-1992 S10/Blazer. Packages either include the hedders, engine / trans mounts, or both. You can not order them directly from Hedman but will have to go through another dealer. … Read more

LS7 Powered Honda S2000

You are looking at a very powerful S2000. This Honda roaster happens to have the straight four swapped out for a 7.0 L LS7 V8. To fit the large engine the subframe had to be modified with a receiver channel on either side with an aluminum sub-frame connector. The transmission is a T-56 from a … Read more

Datsun 280Z with LS2

Here is another good example of a clean Datsun/V8 swap. This 1978 Datsun 280Z has been owned by the same guy for 25 years and it sounds like he wishes the V8 swap would have happened sooner. The car weighs roughly 2,900 pounds and is putting out 400 horsepower and 400 torque which is bound … Read more

2010 Camaro with LSX 454

Redline Motorsports has received one of the first three LSX454 engines from GM Performance Parts and decided to swap it into a black 2010 Camaro SS. Although the engine costs $11,625 the LSX crate engine delivers 640 horsepower and 576 torque stock. Take a listen to the sound in the video below. Another video talking … Read more

Mini with Nissan 300ZX V6

Built to entertain children this 1962 Austin Mini has a nitrous injected 375 horsepower Nissan 300ZX V6 engine. The five-speed transmission is also from a 300ZX. The rear suspension and differential is from a 240SX. This build took roughly 4 years (4,000 hours) and $8,000 to build. The Mini won the Ebay Motors Master 2009 … Read more