Volvo 244 with 1JZ-GTE

The Volvo 200 series was one of the safest cars of it’s time and set the standard for certain safety features. But I am sure the original Volvo engineers did not think about having a 276 BHP 2.5L twin turbo engine when they dreamed up the 244. The motor was yanked from a Toyota Soarer … Read more

Forza 2 has Drivetrain Swaps

Interested in doing really expensive engine swaps without getting your hands dirty? Included in the second offering from Turn 10 Studios is the ability to swap drivetrains as apposed to just swapping engines in the first. This means you can put in AWD or RWD in a FWD car. We are expecting to see some … Read more

Bugatti Veyron Engine Swap?

The reason this is listed with a question mark is because it is just that, are we ever going to see the massive quad-turbocharged DOHC 64-valve W-16 in something besides a Veyron? With confirmed reports of someone having more money then brains and with more stupid people being born every second, someone should soon be … Read more

Pontiac LeMans with Supra 7M-GTE

Ralf Becker tired of the German culture of originality in cars and after receiving a free 1972 Pontiac LeMans from a video game promotion decided he wanted to really make a statement. His creation is a turbo Gen 3 Supra inline six running off of 108 octane bio-methanol. He recognizes some car clubs may want … Read more

Nissan Pulsar with Ferrari F355 V8

Take a Nissan Pulsar and give it a Ferrari 3.5L V8 from a F355 and you get this. A decent amount of work went into this engine swap. Anytime you take a FWD car and switch it to a RWD mid-engine setup you are looking at some serious work. Some commenters have stated it has … Read more

2.8L V8 From Two Hayabusa Engines

I have been seeing a lot of talk recently using two motorcycle engines to make a V8 engine and swapping this into really light cars. Hartley Enterprises is a company who has developed the H1 being currently used in the DP1. The H1 currently weights 200 lbs and with 170 CID delivers 400HP @ 10KRPM … Read more