Supra 2JZ Powered Tacoma Truck

This 2003 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner has a little suprise under the hood. Instead of the factory installed V6 5VZ-FE it has a 2JZ-GTE from a 1994 Supra. The turbo setup has been switched from twin to a single Sound Performance 67mm turbo. The Toyota Tacoma S-Runner was the sports version of the Tacoma coming with … Read more


RWD Ford Focus RS8

Ford Racing Performance Parts decided to take a Ford Focus RS and stuff a 5.0L Cammer crate motor. Ford decided to start with the RS version because of its sportier Euro appearance. The engine is a DOHC 5.0L V8 modular crate motor putting out 420 BHP and 365 ft.-lbs. torque. Ford Racing Performance Parts sells … Read more

1974 MG MGB-GT with Ford 302 V8

The MGB-GT originally came with a 1.8 L inline four cylinder engine producing around 98 horsepower. Enough power to get this little car going but probably not enough for most adventurous types. Dan Master decided he wanted to swap the old engine with a robust Ford 302 V8. The swap conversion was completed by Fast … Read more

Pontiac SS with Porsche Engine

This is a 2003 Pontiac IMSA Fiero that was built off a prototype IMSA body. The owner was able to find this treasure off eBay of all places. Talk about a find. The owner has since has dropped in a 427 c.i. small block which at 13.9:1 compression is putting down around 645 HP and … Read more

Drag 240Z with Nissan RB Engine

Originally swapped with some bowtie power this 240Z already had some serious pull. But Robbie Ward’s 240Z was going to have the engine switched from a Chevy engine to a Nissan engine. Robbie got himself a RB30 block and mated it to a RB26 head. That added to a couple of HKS turbos and this … Read more