Austin-Healey with Jaguar V12 has published an article about a 1954 Austin-Healey owned by Martin Jansen with a Jaguar V8 swap. The car has a 5.3L Jaguar V12 engine which is balanced and blueprinted. No reason to keep it naturally aspirated so a Vortec V2 supercharger was added. The power is handled by a Tremec 3550 TKO 5 … Read more


First Time Engine Swap Tips

I came across a decent article from Torque Cars dealing with some of the issues and concerns someone might have when considering their first swap. This article includes tips on budgeting, breaking in the new engine, and good general tips that is worth reading. Be sure to check out some of Torque Cars other articles.

200SX with BMW M5 Swap

Reading their website doesn’t tell much but it seems we are looking at a Nissan 200SX with a 3.6L BMW engine (S38B36) from a 1989–1995 M5 (E34). Then they turbocharged the engine with a Garrett GT45 turbo. No where do they indicate the horsepower output but I would expect good numbers though the video is … Read more

Ford Festiva with Mid-engine V8

This CarDomain user has put a 355ci V8 in the back of a little Festiva. The owner through heavy modification decided to keep the FWD. The V8 delivers the power through a TH350 transmission with a shortened driveshaft. It also has a limited-slip differential out of a 1989 BMW 325I and heavily modified c/v shafts … Read more