Triumph TR7 with Ford SHO Engine

SHO powered TR7

The Triumph TR7 was built by the Triumph Motor Company from 1974 to 1981. Yamaha helped Ford build the SHO engine which was a DOHC V6 engine for the Taurus.

A SHO engine swap into a Triumph TR7 presented a lot of problems. The owner first started this swap about a year after the SHO engine was first released. His article presents all the problems he ran into switching the engine from a east-west to a north-south configuration. Many of the issues he ran into others might as well doing this kind of modification and should be seriously considered.

As if doing a engine swap wasn’t hard enough he also turbocharged the engine with only $500. Making most of the parts required he has spend roughly $12,000 on this project and got a 13.7 sec quarter mile. Some future swaps he is contemplating include a Miata with a SHO V8, Northstar powered Fiero or a Eclipse with a VR-4 powertrain. I would like to see any of these.

Source: Autoblog


  1. Chris Henniker

    A Saab engine would’ve been much easier, I suspect, as it’s a derivative of the Triumph engine and is mounted lengthways to begin with.

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