Thomson Automotive’s Solstice from Hell

Pontiac Solstice from hell with a superchaged LSX swap

The Solstice from hell was dreamed up by Thomson Automotive founder Brian Thomson. The goal was to shoved a huge powerful engine in the 2,800 pound coupe and keep all the drivability of the factory setup.

Under the hood you will find an upgraded 7.0L LSX V8. Oliver rods and Diamond pistons replaced factory engine parts. The cylinder heads were a prototype six bolt per cylinder to increase seal pressure. Attached to the engine is a Harrop Engineering 2.3L roots supercharger. To cool the engine better an air-to-water intercooler has been installed. The power is transferred through a Cadillac five-speed automatic and into a Harrop 12 bolt diff. They were also able to keep power steering and AC.

superchaged LS7 in the Pontiac Solstice engine bay

This setup produces 850 horsepower and 800 lbs. ft. of torque. All this in a 3,000 pound convertible couple. Should make for some serious don’t sneeze fun. The writer claims that it pulled harder then the Daytona prototype he road in.

Pontiac Solstice burnout from hell with a superchaged LS7 swap

Source: Hot Rod

2 thoughts on “Thomson Automotive’s Solstice from Hell”

  1. That ls7 swap in the solstice is my dream! I literally have dreams about me having this swap every day! I get made fun of alot because the gutless 2.4l 4 cylinder.. Ive even been blown away by my dads mini van! I do alot of drifting and been focusing alot on my track car but cannot wait til the day I can cruise the streets with the Lil roadster with a mean v8! Thanks for the article keeps my hopes up

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