Pro-touring 1969 Camaro from Prodigy Customs

Prodigy Customs 1969 Camaro

This 1969 Camaro was built for a Pro-touring Forum member for mostly drag racing and looking cool driving down the street. The engine is a LS7 crate motor and will receive some upgrades including a new cam to boost the power output. The transmission will use the Twist Machine 4L65 manumatic. The car has a the full DSE treatment; minitub, subframe, and quadralink suspension.

LS7 in 1969 camaro

Prodigy Customs has been doing so many Pro-touring Camaros they are becoming the specialties for this sort of build. Currently they have about 13 Camaros in some level of finish.

Prodigy Customs 1969 Camaro


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