Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C63 AMG

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

Piper Motorsport has built a Frankenstein Benz by installing a everything from a C63 AMG including engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, brakes, fire wall, dash and electronics into a mid-80’s Mercedes 190E. Simply put they are dropping the body on a C63 AMG W204 chassis.

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

The 6.2 L M156 V8 was developed exclusively by AMG. This engine shares very little with other Mercedes engine as the bore spacing and block design are unique to this engine. The M156 uses a 102.2 mm (4.023 in) bore, 94.6 mm (3.72 in) stroke and a 109 mm (4.29 in) bore spacing. The engine produces between 451-480 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque.

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

To get the combination to work the team had to modify just about everything. They had to shorten the W204 chassis, build custom hood hinges and a custom grill support. The shock towers were raised to work with the lower ride height and suspension travel. The front suspension points were moved inward 20 mm on each side. The oil coolers had to be relocated and the dash was modified to fit the 190E interior.

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The team spent a massive amount of work reinforcing the body by integrating a roll cage into the A, B, and C pillars and adding 2×2 box frame rocker panel reinforcing and finally stitching it all together.

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

To make the looks match the performance the team has installed a 190 EVO 2 body kit. This includes fender flares, bumpers, side skirts and rear wing. I can’t wait for this project to be finished and racing around the track.

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

Mercedes 190E Wrapped Around a C36 AMG

Source: Piper Motorsport FB page (build album) and FlatOut via tip from Alvaro


    • I think you are right. In Piper Motorsports Facebook album they mention both “C36 AMG” and “C63 AMG” and I used both. I am not very good with my Mercedes nomenclature.

      Edit – I have corrected the article

  1. JimmyinTEXAS

    I agree about not being able to wait to see it in action. I love everything except the wing, I could leave that in the garage somewhere, behind something so I wouldn’t have to see it… But if they offered me a ride I would climb over the wing if I needed to to get in…

  2. Phil McIntosh

    You state that the M156 has a 4.02″ bore spacing. Sorry but it’s the bore size that is 102.2mm (4.023″). The bore spacing supposedly is 109mm (4.29″) however that sounds too small to me as 6.8mm (109 – 102.2) seems way too little between the bore for the gasket to be able to seal the compression.

  3. Phil McIntosh

    I have since verified that the bore pitch is indeed 109mm. Great work by the way! Truly impressive.

  4. Hiram

    Do you have any pics of the shell and body before the body kit of this 190e? And where did you guys buy the kit?

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