Chevy Cavalier with a Mid-engine Ecotec Swap

Ben Wootson started with a 2000 Cavalier convertible and over the past several years has transformed it into something crazy. Just about every type of major mod someone can do on a car has been done. The engine was swapped from a 2.4L LD9 to a 2.2L L61. Then the motor was moved from the … Read more

Nu Big Thing Back At The Strip

The video says this was the first time down the strip since owner Mark Cryer and son Nick Cryer installed a new engine and clutch on the Smart car. They are still working on the clutch but the car ran a 10.61 second at 127.43 mph. The video shows a lot of the car up … Read more

1952 MG TD With A Subaru EJ22

I would never say any engine swap is “easy” but some have been completed so many times they are considered straight-forward. For example the very popular Subaru EJ22 into a VW Bettle is generally considered one of those “straight-forward” swaps. Thousands have been completed and you can find a lot of resources online. The EJ22 … Read more

Peak Power Vs Torque Curve

This article is a nice reminder that picking parts based purely on highest horsepower number doesn’t always produce a faster car. The author took the example of a tall, long runner EFI intake manifold versus a production LS1 intake. With the long runner manifold, the engine did produce more horsepower but it moved the torque … Read more

1976 Ferrari Dino With A Twin-turbo Chevy V8

Projects can take different directions and sometimes with different owners. In its current form this 1976 Ferrari Dino houses a twin-turbo 4.8L (LR4) iron-block Gen3 SBC. The engine is mated to a Subaru five-speed transaxle with upgraded PPG gears. The engine will gain a nice flat-plane crank sound thanks to some hand-made 180 degree headers. … Read more