1977 AMC Pacer Wagon With Blown V8

This car appears to have it all, classic American looks, storage space, and of course ridiculous gas sucking power. Sure it can be a hassle to fit your groceries around the roll cage and buckling a four-point harness everyday can be a pain, but look what you get “under” the hood. This 1977 AMC Pacer … Read more

Lincoln-Zephyr Flathead V12 Motorcycle

Olson’s V8s specialize in building motorcycles powered by Ford flathead V8s but this particular model is powered by a Lincoln-Zephyr flathead V12. I do not know which version is being used on this bike but the V12 came in three sizes 267, 292, and 306 cubic-inches and had about 110 horsepower and 180 ft-lb of … Read more

1952 Willys Jeep with a Supercharged Vortec

I have been wanting to post something on this death machine for a while but all the video footage was of it racing on the streets. I am sure a lot have seen the videos but if you haven’t just search for “LSx Willys Jeep” on Youtube. This video shows the death Jeep on a … Read more

1974 Corvette With A Volkswagen 1.9L Diesel

I have covered many engine swaps but I have never seen this combo before. I can feel the opinions coming before I finish writing this sentence. This is a 1974 Corvette with a 2002 VW 1.9L TDI diesel and a five-speed transmission from a Toyota truck. The owner claims it gets 55+ MPG and cost … Read more

ICON’s FJ44 – A 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser

ICON posted a video showcasing their really nice FJ44 model, which is a long wheelbase, four-door SUV based on a 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. The engine is a LSx motor with Vortec truck injectors and intake, connected to a 4L65E automatic transmission. Watch as Jonathan Ward explains everything that went into modernizing this classic … Read more

Speed Academy’s Nissan S13 LSx Swap Guide

Speed Academy created a series on swapping a LSx motor into a 240SX. This guide has a lot of good information such as picking a Cadillac CTS-V accessories setup because it’s the most compact and fits the S13 with no clearance issues. The only drawback is the series is more of an overview. The builder … Read more