Pro-touring Firebird Powered By A LSA

Dave Willis has built a very nice pro-touring 1968 Pontiac Firebird with the help of All American Speed Shop in Van Nuys, CA. The drivetrain consists of a 620 horsepower 6.2L LSA from a Cadillac CTS-V and Tremec TR-6060 transmission. Other upgrades include Heidts PRO-G IRS and front tubular suspension, Vintage AC, power windows and … Read more

Upgraded Tesla Roadster Racing At Pikes Peak 2014

Drive eO will debut their new PP02 race car at Pikes Peak 2014. The car is based on a Tesla Roadster but uses technology developed from their Pikes Peak 2013 PP01 race car. It features an upgraded 360 kW electric motor that produces 500 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. This is more than double … Read more

Project Binky Episode 6

The project involving swapping a Toyota Celica GT-Four into a Mini continues with episode six. This episode continues with internal and external metal work. Source: Bad Obsession Motorsports

1973 Camaro With A Twin-turbo V8

Take a look at this incredible pro-touring 1973 Camaro. When the owner originally restored the car it featured a nice big block V8 but recently decided to go with a modern twin-turbo LQ4 V8 and two 67mm Precision turbochargers. You can view the previous build threads at NastyZ28 (build thread) and NastyZ28 (finished) when the … Read more

Volkswagen Truck with a Ford V8

Volkswagen created this 1981 VW Caddy Sportruck by essentially taking a Golf MK1 and sticking a bed on it. Because of this it came with a small 1.5-1.8 L engine and FWD. The owner of this particular Caddy converted it to RWD and installed a much larger Ford Triton 5.4 L V8. The transmission is … Read more

Triumph And Corvette Sandwich

Take the top half of a Triumph TR6 and the bottom half of a Corvette Z06 and smoosh them together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What you get is something just as tasty but with power and rubber oozing out the sides. The drivetrain contains a LS3 connected to a 6L80E transmission controlled … Read more