For Sale: NASCAR Powered 2010 Camry

Have you been looking to purchase a modern Camry but would prefer it have the power of a supercar? If so, RK Motors might have the perfect Camry for you. They are selling their 2010 Camry co-developed with Toyota Racing Development for the 2010 SEMA show. Under the hood is a 358 cubic inch NASCAR … Read more


Brill Steel Carbon S14 Drift Car

Brill Steel Carbon S14 Drift Car

We have covered a lot of Silvia/240SX projects and Brill Steel Motorsports in northern Italy has built one of the wildest. Built for professional driver Enrico Sartori, this beast will primarily compete in drift events but might also compete in autocross. Brill Steel Motorsports is one of the few shops in Italy that build hot … Read more

BMW 2002 with a S14

BMW 2002 with a S14 inline-four

The video below shows Marc Norris from Bavarian Workshop bragging about a BMW 2002 “M2” that uses a S14 motor from a E30 M3. The S14 can produce 200+ horsepower and conversion adds less than 100 pounds. The base swap costs about $6,000 – $10,000. Source: Electric Federal and Bavarian Workshop FB page

Toyota Confirms New Supra

Update: Well I might have spoken too soon. Toyota’s official word is the FT-1 is just a design study. Toyota has confirmed the FT-1 is the first public design study for the upcoming new Supra. The engine is rumored to be a inline-six capable of around 500 horsepower. Will this engine platform finally surpass the … Read more

Ferrari 400 Powered by Straight-six Diesel

There once was a man from France who loved his Ferrari 400 so much he drove it everywhere. Unfortunately the factory V12 broke down too much and was too expensive to fix. So the owner decided to swap in a VM Motori straight-six marine diesel engine. The first mention of this swap was 2005 on … Read more