MGB with a Ford 5.0 L V8

1971 MGB with a Ford 5.0 L V8

This 1971 MGB is currently for sale in Stockton, California with an asking price of $17,750. The little roadster is powered by a Ford 5.0 L V8 from a 1992 Mustang. The engine might only produce 225 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque but it’s plenty for a 1,900 lb car. The rest of the … Read more

1972 MG Midget with a 4A-GE

1972 MG Midget with a Toyota 4A-GE inline-four

This 1972 MG Midget was built in 2010 to compete in time trails, track days, and hill climb races. It was even the 2014 hill climb champion in the NEHA P4 class. Powering the 1,450 lb car is a 1.6 L Toyota 4A-GE inline-four. With two Weber 45COE carburetors and 272 degree camshafts it produces … Read more

MGA with a Supercharged Coyote V8

Land Speed MG MGA with a 5.0 L Coyote V8

Colin Walker and his brother Steve Walker started building this MG MGA five years ago to compete in land speed racing. Soon after starting the project they wandered into David Chapman’s shop Milner Off Road Racing in Darley Dale, UK for a roll bar. After David talked to the brothers about the project he knew … Read more

MGB with a Mk1 Supra Powertrain

MGB with a Mk1 Supra Drivetrain

Lorne Fritz is an accomplished mechanic, business owner, and racer. He has owned and operated a British sports car restoration shop called Sports Car Haven in Danville, Pennsylvania for over 40 years. He also races and maintains various British race cars having competed in SCCA since 1972. Even though his love for these small cars … Read more

Update on the Wildest MGB on Earth

MGB GT3 with a twin-turbo Rover V8

Since we last wrote about Jason Shalders and APS Motorsports’ 1966 MGB GT GT3 race car they have continued to post progress on their Facebook page. The hood is now all one piece and most of the body seems complete with a coating of yellow paint. Race Engine Digest wrote a very detailed article on … Read more

Frontline Developments Build MGBs With Mazda Power

Frontline Developments MGB With Mazda Engines

Frontline Developments is a UK company that builds classic MGBs to modern standards. They start with a MGB and fully restore the body using new metal panels made from the original MG specs. Each panel gap is massaged until it has perfect gap spacing. After that they upgrade every component on the car with modern … Read more