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1969 Camaro at HOT ROD Power Tour 2015 Memphis 15

Engine swaps have a long history in motorsports and with enthusiasts. Engines are swapped for all types of reasons such as increasing horsepower, dependability, fuel efficiency, or some combination of those.

Engine Swap Depot started in March 2007 to share interesting engine swap projects. Since then we have written 3,000+ articles and have 175 businesses and 340 swap kits in our directories.

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  1. I was looking into swapping my old austin mini engine with another car’s engine so that i would have less problems with my car. Would that be possible? and if yes which car’s engine would best fit into a classic austin mini

    Thank you,

  2. I have a 1988 Toyota Supra with a 3.0 liter I-6, the 7mge. I also have a Ford 302 that i hopped up, do they make any kits for a Supra to Ford swap?

  3. I drive an ’02 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ with a 2.0 4g94 engine automatic. I was curious if it was possible to throw a diesel motor in its place, just for the sake of possibility. Is that even possible? What size would fit and what modifications would I have to make to turn it into reality?

  4. hey i have on 05 G35 with an auto trans and i was wondering if a swap anyone of the skyline motors and upgrade the auto trans or put some other auto trans that could handle more power

  5. I have a 1987 Dodge Raider with a 2.6 liter, 4 cylinder 2 barrel carb. What would be the best engine to place in this. I do not want fuel injection. Thanks!

  6. 1995 Eagle Summit Wagon (Mitsubishi Expo LRV) with 4G64 (2.3L I4) engine/4-speed automatic 2WD. I would like to increase power with a Mitsu V6, while keeping trans and minimal changes to electronics, w/o cutting up the body and frame. Anyone try this yet? Suggestions?

  7. Great site, thanks! I’ve got “last real Buick” which is Electra 1981 with 350 engine on it. Not that weak but you would definitely expect more from the V8 engine. What engine would you suggest that would have more power with the swap operation that would not be that painful to perform? Kind regards, Mike

  8. Hi there, I have mg zt 190 petrol 5 gear 2.5 v6 engine car. It has gone faulty but want to swap any fitting and economical engine in it can you help? one that is easy to maintain will be helpful.


  9. Hey I wanted to do a engine swap in my Infiniti g20 2002 i want a supercharged what do you guys think i should put

  10. I have a 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport. Up to what year of 3400 engine will fit? Will 3400 passenger car engines fit?

  11. just acquired a 77 mg midget, we want to do the 13b rotary swap, ive been told there are kits that come with everything you need for this, anyone know where to find this ir if such a kit really exists?

  12. I would like to swap out a 3.9L v-6 from 1991 Dodge Ram 150 pickup and replace it with a Chrysler 3.5L v-6 for better performance and better mileage. Any thoughts?

  13. trying to swap a 4.6 dohc from a 95 lincoln mark 8 into an 01 mustang gt,and im looking for information on the conversion, harness,controler…

  14. Have a 72 p1800es ,bone stock, want to swap out eng/trans to small v6/manual trans drivetrain . Needs to be fairly light weight and narrow, dont
    want to cut out anything I cant put back later. 200hp + Low Tech .
    Am a machinist w 30yr. exp. I can make most anything I need to fit and mount.
    Any sugestions appreciated.

  15. I want to swap the 1.0 engine in a 2003 daihatsu storia, which engine would you suggest? .. bear in mind I am looking for more power better performance but also with the least amount of modifications required.

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