Engine Build Recipes


These are engine build guides and videos or engine build tips I have come across while researching articles. Please contact us to submit an engine build or specs.

Engine Build Recipe List

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MakeEngineDisplacement (L)InductionPower (hp)Torque (lb-ft)PriceURL
Pontiac4007.66NA547635No Price ListedHemmings
GMBBC8.84NA781721No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
GMLS77.2NA702602No Price ListedHot Rod
GMBBC8.0NA575-590600No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
FordSBF5.9NA577No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
FordSBF6.7NA525530No Price ListedMustangs and Fords
GMLSx6.0NA557501$9000Hot Rod
GMSBC5.7NA400No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
GMLSx7.0Turbo1200No Price ListedLSxMag
GMLSx6.7Turbo1100980No Price ListedMotoIQ
GMLS36.2Turbo1000No Price ListedSteve Morris
FordCoyote5.0Turbo1000Some Prices ListedStangTV
GMLT1 (5th Gen)6.2Super870 794No Price ListedSuper Chevy
GMLS77.0NA825649No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
Toyota2JZ3.0Turbo800No Price ListedMotoIQ
Toyota 2JZ3.0Turbo800No Price ListedMotoIQ
GMRat Motor9.5NA768720No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
FordWindsor SBF7.1NA735621No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
GMLSx6.6NA707578No Price ListedLSxTV
GMLSx7.2NA665627No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
GMLS35.5NA614446No Price ListedBangShift
GMLSx7.4NA580590Some Prices ListedSuperChevy
GMLS36.2NA576566Some Prices ListedSuperChevy
FordSBF7.3NA550569No Price ListedOnAllCylinders
Ford3025.0Turbo550617No Price ListedEngine Masters
GMLQ96.0NA464437$4709Engine Swap Depot
GMLSx4.8NA430366$6000Hot Rod
GMLSx5.3NA375$3840On All Cylinders
GMSBC5.7NA375Some Prices ListedOnAllCylinders
GMSBC5.7NA364397$3550Engine Masters
GMSBC6.2NA360444$3520On All Cylinders
GMSBC5.7NA343381No Price ListedSuper Chevy
CadillacOHV 3655.9NA328428No Price ListedHot Rod
Toyota4AG1.6NA230No Price ListedMotoIQ
NissanVG30E3.0NA199194No Price ListedHot Rod
HondaK24Z72.4TurboNo Price ListedMotoIQ
DodgeHEMI Gen 35.3SuperNo Price ListedMotorTrend
BMWS523.1NANo Price ListedMotoIQ
NissanVQ35DE3.5NANo Price ListedMotoIQ
HondaK24Z72.4NANo Price ListedMotoIQ
ToyotaFA202.0Super321235No Price ListedMotoIQ
Toyota1UZ4.0TurboNo Price ListedTurbo1uzfe
Toyota2JZ3.0TurboNo Price ListedMotoIQ
FordSBF5.0NANo Price ListedMotoIQ
PontiacSB V86.5NA422441No Price ListedOn All Cylinders
GMLSx6.0NA457455$6033Hot Rod