General How-to Guides

This is a list of tutorials, how-tos, or guides for procedures other than engines swaps. Please contact us to submit a guide or tutorial.

Non-swap Guides

GMLSx, LY2EngineLY2 engine upgradesOn All Cylinders
Chrysler, Ford, GM, ChevyV8EngineList of American V8 size, weight, sump, and starter locationSummit Racing
GML9H, LSxEngineL9H engine upgradesOn All Cylinders
UniversalUniversalEngine, PistonCalculate piston ring gapOn All Cylinders
GMLMF, LSxEngineLMF engine upgradesOn All Cylinders
GMLR4, LSxEngineLR4 engine upgradesOn All Cylinders
GML76, LSxEngineL76 engine upgradesOn All Cylinders
GML59, LSxEngineL59 engine upgradesOn All Cylinders
GML59, LSxEngineL59 engine specsOn All Cylinders
GML99, LSxEngineL99 engine specsOn All Cylinders
ToyotaW58, R154, V160, V161Transmissiontransmission information and detailsLS1 Tech
GMLSx, T56, TH400, 4L80E, TH350, 700R4, 4L60E Engine and Transmission Flexplates, Converters, and SpacersLS1 Tech
GMLSxEngineEngine Crank Spacing and Interchange guideNovak Conversions
GMLSxEngineList of ECU and ECM models used on GM LSx, Vortec, and V6 enginesEFILive
GML96EngineL96 engine specsOn All Cylinders
GML77EngineL77 engine specsOn All Cylinders
GMLY5EngineLY5 engine specsOn All Cylinders
GMLY5EngineLY5 engine upgrade performance guideOn All Cylinders
GMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Engine, TransmissionLSx engine swap and and/or transmission swap adapterOn All Cylinders
GML33EngineL33 engine upgrade performance guideOn All Cylinders
GMLM4EngineLM4 engine specificationsOn All Cylinders
GML33EngineL33 engine specifications On All Cylinders
FordWindsor, Cleveland, ModularEngineFord Engine Bore and Stroke GuideOn All Cylinders
GMLQ4, LQ9EngineLQ4/LQ9 Engine Upgrade Performance GuideOn All Cylinders
AllAllDrivetrainrear end, axles, driveshaftMark Williams
AllAllEngineCleaningPopular Mechanics
AllAllWheels, TiresTire RotationOn All Cylinders
AllAllWiringCrimping vs Soldering Wiring ConnectorsHolley
AllAllWiringHarness and Wire ProtectionHolley
AllAllWiringSelecting Proper WiresHolley
AllAllCarburetorHow to Choose a CarburetorHolley
AllAllRear End / AxleGuide to Identifying Common Rear Axles by CoversOn All Cylinders
BMWE46 M3 TransmissionSMG to manual transmission conversionPart 1 Part 2
ChevyNovaWheelsInstalling large rear wheelsOn All Cylinders
ChevyV8 small-blockEngineRebuild GuideV8TV
ChryslerV8 and V10EngineCylinder Head Torque SequencesOn All Cylinders
ChryslerI6 and V6EngineCylinder Head Torque SequencesOn All Cylinders
DanaDana 30HubsInstalling an Alloy USA Manual Locking Hub Conversion KitOn All Cylinders
FordV8, V10, and V12EngineCylinder Head Torque SequencesOn All Cylinders
FordI6 and V6EngineCylinder Head Torque SequencesOn All Cylinders
GM454 ci V8EngineSwapping CamshaftComp Cams
GM454 ci V8EngineSwapping Valve SpringsComp Cams
GMV8EngineCylinder Head Torque SequencesOn All Cylinders
GMFour CylinderEngineCylinder Head Torque SequencesOn All Cylinders
GMLSxEngineLSx Crate Engine Buyers GuideOn All Cylinders
GM, ChevyV8EnginePopular Stroker CombinationsOn All Cylinders
GM, Ford, CumminsDiesel enginesEngineRegular MaintenanceDeboss Garage
Mazda13B-MSP Renesis rotaryEngineBuildSpeed Academy
FordV8EnginePopular Stroker CombinationsOn All Cylinders
AllAllTransmissionGeneral tips on installing an automatic transmissionOn All Cylinders
All, GMAll, LSxEngineTTY (torque to yield) fasteners and using them on LSx enginesOn All Cylinders
AllAllFuel SystemInstalling a Holley Sniper EFI SystemHolley Performance
AllAllIgnition SystemInstalling a dual sync distributor with Holley Sniper EFIHolley Performance
AllAllFuel SystemInstalling a Holley Sniper EFI Fuel TankHolley Performance
AllAllClutchDiagnosing Common Clutch IssuesOn All Cylinders
AllAllCarburetorConverting draw-through to blow-throughOn All Cylinders
NissanSR20EngineBeginner's guide to boosting SR20 powerDrifted
AllAllEngineRebuild mechanical injectorsDeboss Garage
GMLTxEngineInstall LSx valve springs on LT1 headsOn All Cylinders
AllAllPowertrainEstimating Parasitic Power LossOn All Cylinders
AllAllEngineHow to break-in a hydraulic llat-tappet camshaftOn All Cylinders
GMLS1EngineLS1 engine statsOn All Cylinders
HondaK20, K24EngineSwapping camshaftsSpeed Academy
GMLS2EngineLS2 Truck Engine Upgrade GuideOn All Cylinders
GMLQ4EngineLQ4 Engine SpecsOn All Cylinders
GMLQ9EngineLQ9 Engine SpecsOn All Cylinders