Electric Conversion Kits

These companies offer kits or individual products to help with converting to electric. These are kits I have come across while researching for articles. Please contact us to submit a product or kit.Use at your own risk.

Electric Kit List

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Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelMotorKit PriceURL
VWKarmann Ghia 1955-1974HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
MazdaMiata MX-5 1989-2004HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
Porsche356 SpeedsterHPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
Porsche911 1965-1986HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
Porsche912 1965-1969, 1976HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
Porsche914 1969-1976HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
ToyotaMR2 1991-1999HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
VWSuper Beetle 1971-1979HPEVS AC-50$18990EV West
VWBeetle/Bug 1956-1977HPEVS AC-50 $7299EV West
VWBeetle/Bug 1956-1977HPEVS AC-50$18990EV West
VWBus, Type 2, Samba 1950-1979HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
VWNotchback Type 3 1961-1973HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
VWSuper Beetle 1971-1979HPEVS AC-50 $7299EV West
VWThing 1968-1980HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West

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Company ASwap KitToyota1UZ$1999
On Sale!
Company BClutch AdapterBMWE30$399
Company CEngineGMLSx$3999