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Electric Conversion Kits

These companies offer kits or individual products to help with converting to electric. We have not been paid to post or make any claims to their quality. Use at your own risk. Please contact us to submit a product or kit.

Electric Kit List

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Vehicle MakeVehicle ModelMotorKit PriceURL
VWKarmann Ghia 1955-1974HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
MazdaMiata MX-5 1989-2004HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
Porsche356 SpeedsterHPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
Porsche911 1965-1986HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
Porsche912 1965-1969, 1976HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
Porsche914 1969-1976HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
ToyotaMR2 1991-1999HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
VWSuper Beetle 1971-1979HPEVS AC-50$18990EV West
VWBeetle/Bug 1956-1977HPEVS AC-50 $7299EV West
VWBeetle/Bug 1956-1977HPEVS AC-50$18990EV West
VWBus, Type 2, Samba 1950-1979HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
VWNotchback Type 3 1961-1973HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West
VWSuper Beetle 1971-1979HPEVS AC-50 $7299EV West
VWThing 1968-1980HPEVS AC-50$6988EV West

Featured Listing

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Company ASwap KitToyota1UZ$1999
On Sale!
Company BClutch AdapterBMWE30$399
Company CEngineGMLSx$3999