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Top Articles of 2013

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As another great year filled with engine swaps comes to an end, we look back at our most popular articles from 2013.

10. Corvette Z06 Fueled By Hate
Anytime you mix Chevy and Ford on a project, expect flames.

9. Volkswagen Golf MK1 Powered by an Audi A3 Diesel
Volkswagen Golf with engine swap
I am sure Europeans see it more often but I come across very few diesel swaps. It is refreshing when I come across one, especially one so clean.

8. Ford Focus Wagon with a Mustang V8
2000 Ford Focus wagon with Mustang V8 engine swap
This swap just seems right. Take the practical Ford wagon and add a nice torque curve via a Ford V8. Genius.

7. The Godfather Motor
Sonny's racing 1000 cubic inch V8
What a perfect name for the biggest NA motor I have ever seen. If only it didn’t cost a house, we could all put one in our hatchback.

6. 1937 Mercedes 540K with a Viper V10
1930 Rolls-Royce with a Viper V10
Sophisticated classic German design meets American torque.

5. Fiat 500 with a Lambo V12 Motor
Fiat 500 with Lambo V12 Motor
Just looking at this thing makes me smile. I will always have time for a car that appears to have a wider track than wheelbase.

4. Ferrari 250 California with a Modern Italian Heart
Even though this was not an original Ferrari 250 Cali, it was still a very impressive project.

3. 1969 Camaro with a Toyota Power and Style
side view of a 1969 Camaro with 1JZ engine swap
Putting a Japanese motor in a classic American rod will always set the internet on fire.

2. VW Karmann Ghia with a Viper V10
This article is technically the most popular “engine swap” article since the #1 spot is an engine. Taking a huge American V10 and stuffing it into a small European car harks back to the origin of engine swaps.

1. Engine Magician Turns Two V8 Motors into One V12
This was our most popular article in 2013 by a huge margin. Anyone who can take two engines and glue them together deserves a lot of attention.

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