BMW E46 with a Turbo 3.1 L M50 Inline-Six

K64 BMW E46 with a turbo M50 inline-six

K64 BMW Garage & Performance is a company in Ciechowice, Poland known for making powerful BMW engines. Take for example this BMW E46 powered by a stroked and turbocharged 3.1 L M50 inline-six. The engine features forged internals, ported head, GTX42 turbocharger, custom intake/exhaust manifolds, and custom camshafts. They estimate it’s capable of 1200 horsepower … Read more

Dodge Challenger with a 358 ci NASCAR V8

1970 Dodge Challenger with a Nascar V8

This 1970 Dodge Challenger race car was built by Nick Mitchell and his company Mitchell Race Extreme in Horotiu, New Zealand. The project called “Kowalski” took design inspiration from Vanishing Point and was built for Mike and Nick Ross to compete in Central Muscle Cars racing series. It’s powered by a 358 ci Dodge small-block … Read more

Supra Mk4 with a 1UZ V8

Supra Mk4 with a 1UZ V8

This fourth generation Supra is owned by Kazuto Soon from Kazuto Garage in Klang,Selangor, Malaysia. The Supra was built to compete in Formula Drift Malaysia in 2010 and Kazuto was the team’s technical manager. The car has since left competition and is mostly used for events and track days. Under the hood sits a 4.0 … Read more

BMW E36 with a M62 V8

BMW E36 with a M62B44 V8

This BMW E36 was built by Rafał Szymański at his company SR Garage in Żarowo, Konin, Poland. They replaced the factory 2.8 L M52B28 inline-six with a rebuilt 4.4 L M62B44 V8 fed by a BMW E39 540 fuel pump. The drivetrain consists of a ZF S6-53 (BMW 3.0d) six-speed manual transmission with a welded … Read more