Building a Mitsubishi Outlander with an Evo X Powertrain

Mitsubishi Outlander with an Evo X 4B11T powertrain

Alvin Prakash is currently transforming his Mitsubishi Outlander into his dream Evo Wagon out of his garage in Australia. He started with a 2nd generation Outlander (CW5W) to which he’s swapping the entire powertrain and suspension from an Evo X. This means he is using the turbocharged 2.0 L 4B11T inline-four, five-speed manual transmission, transfer … Read more

Mini with a 2.1 L C20XE Inline-Four

Mini with a C20XE inline-four

This Mini was built by Retropower in in Hinckley, England. The company rebuilt the small car with a 2.1 L C20XE inline-four that makes 240 horsepower. The engine features CP forged pistons, Williams Motorsports steel rods, ported head, Isky double valve springs, Arrow solid lifters, upgraded camshafts, and Jenvey direct-to-head throttle bodies. Power goes to … Read more

Pantera with a 9.3 L HEMI V8

1980 De Tamaso Pantera GT-5 with a 572 ci HEMI V8

Goran Malmberg is a very talented person. He’s spent the past 60 years making custom guitars where some now reside in the Guitar Museum in Umeå. He’s also a former Top Fuel fabricator. So it should come at no surprise when he decided to build a 1980 De Tamaso Pantera GT-5, he would combine his … Read more