Electric Porsche 912 Update

1968 Porsche 912 with a Tesla Model S electric motor

Last year we shared the 1968 Porsche 912 being built by David Bernardo from Zelectric Motors and Michael Bream from EV West. Back then there was still some work left but it’s now complete. Under the rear custom trunk sits a Tesla Model S P85 motor capable of 500 horsepower. A custom LG Chem 32 … Read more

1966 Mustang with a Twin-Turbo Chevy V8

1966 Mustang with a Twin-Turbo Chevy V8

This 1966 Mustang was built to drift by Krzysztof Ćwiertnia from Custom 166 Racing in Poland. The project took inspiration from Ken Blocks’ Hoonicorn V1 Mustang created for Gymkhana SEVEN. Krzysztof’s Mustang also features a custom chassis allowing the car to ride very low. Under the hood sits a twin-turbo Chevy V8 featuring a Dart … Read more

HKS 4.3 L VR38 STEP Pro Longblock

HKS 4.3 L VR38 STEP Pro motor

HKS will release their 4.3 L VR38 STEP Pro longblock in August. The company debuted the motor at TAS 2020 in January as a step up from their 4.3 L VR38 STEP3 longblock costing $55,000. The STEP Pro offers similar specs as the STEP3 but also includes head work and upgraded main caps. Last year … Read more

FWD Celica Dragster with a Turbo 2GR V6 Update

Toyota Celica with a Turbo 2GR V6

The ZTR FWD Celica made some big changes since our last article. Last year the team switched to a built ZF 3HP three-speed automatic transmission with a triple disc 4200 rpm stall converter and Turbo Lamik transmission controller. They also upgraded the handling with new coilovers and Brembo brakes. Earlier this year they received new … Read more

SUV Uphill Sand Racing Explained

Uphill Sand Racing SUV

Peter Björck from BJP Race released several popular videos showing uphill sand racing in the UAE. The videos produced many questions from viewers who are unfamiliar with this type of racing. In response Peter released a video answering the most popular questions and showing off some engine bays. Source: PeterBjorck