Civic EK with a K24

Civic EK with a K24 inline-four

This Honda Civic EK was built by Jorge Ortiz’s race team Racefactory in Puerto Rico. The sixth-gen Civic is powered by a naturally-aspirated K24 inline-four featuring stock sleeves bored .020-inch over, Supertech 4032 pistons, Brian Crower H-beam lightweight rods, 4Piston ported K24A2 head, Drag Cartel Elite Endurance camshafts, and Ferrea valvetrain. It runs on One … Read more

Miata with a LGX V6

Mazda Miata NB with a 3.6 L LGX V6

CCP Fabrication is a company in Port Richey, Florida producing composite body panels for Mazda and Porsche vehicles. Over the past two years the company has also been building a Miata (NB) time trials race car. The unique creation is powered by a 3.6 L LGX V6 taken from a 2017 Camaro. The drivetrain features … Read more

Nissan 350Z with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six Update

Nissan 350Z with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Dariusz Łuczak from RAK Garage and his Nissan 350Z visited KMS Engine in Poland for a dyno tune. Back in 2018 Dariusz swapped to a 2JZ-GTE inline-six with CP forged pistons, FMIC Pro H-beam rods, BC spring kit, Ecumaster ECU, JRSPEC GTX3582BB turbocharger, and Bosch 980 cc injectors. While at KMS Engine the combination produced … Read more

1963 Volvo P1800 with a Turbo Redblock Inline-Four

1963 Volvo P1800 with a turbo Redblock inline-four

This 1963 Volvo P1800 is owned and built by Juha Uusitorppa from Recycle Racing Finland. Under the hood sits a turbocharged 2.5 L 16v Redblock inline-four producing 128 hp and 217 Nm (160 lb-ft) of torque on low boost or 496 hp and 595 Nm (438 lb-ft) of torque on high boost. The motor features … Read more

1978 Ford F-350 with a Coyote V8

1978 Ford F-350 with a Coyote V8

Fat Fender Garage built this 1978 Ford F-350 Ranger XLT at their company in Gilbert, Arizona. The one-ton truck is now powered by a 5.0 L Gen 2 Coyote V8 mated to a 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission. It rides on a suspension lowered three inches with air shocks in the back and a rebuilt Ford … Read more