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Top Articles of 2014

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We had another great year of engine swap projects. Below are the most popular articles from 2014.

10. Volkswagen Truck With a Ford V8


9. Aston Martin DB7 With a 2JZ-GTE

Aston Martin DB7 With A 2JZ-GTE

8. Mazda RX-8 Powered by a Honda K20 Motor


7. Ken Block’s AWD Mystery Mustang

Ken Block drives a AWD first generation Ford Mustang

6. Lexus LS430 Upgraded to LS620

2006 Lexus LS430 With LS3 V8

5. Wildest MGB on Earth

MGB GT3 with a twin-turbo Rover/Lotus V8

4. V12 from Two Toyota I6 Engines Update

V12 engine being made from two Toyota 1JZ inline-six engines

3. 1957 Chevy with Twin V12 Engines


2. 1984 Mugen CRX with a Twin-turbo S2000 Drivetrain


1. V12 from Two 2JZ Engines

An engine build took the top honor for the second year in a row. It was so popular it made the top 10 twice. But this is understandable whenever someone is “gluing” two I6 engines together to make a V12.

V12 from two inline-six motors

You can also view the list of projects that made our Top Ten List from 2013.

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