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V12 from Two 1JZ Engines

V12 from two inline-six motors

I will be the first person to say I hope this is real and will see the finish line. Someone is developing a quad-turbo V12 using two Toyota 2JZ 1JZ inline-six engines. Combining two inline-six engines into a V formation has to be incredibly difficult. I can’t wait to see further progress.

Updated: Added two more images. The heads appear to be 1JZ. The engine is going into a custom tube-frame chassis.

V12 from two inline-six motors

V12 from two inline-six motors

Source: OppositeLock

Project Articles
For more details and photos please view the article below.

Article LinkPublish Date
Update 12 - engine on dynoOctober 16, 2020
Update 11 - engine runningJune 25, 2018
Update 10 - first engine startupDecember 29, 2017
Update 9October 25, 2017
Update 8August 11, 2017
Update 7January 17, 2017
Update 6July 8, 2016
Update 5February 15, 2016
Update 4September 27, 2015
Update 3April 3, 2015
Update 2January 23, 2015
Update 1December 11, 2014
Original ArticleFebruary 19, 2014

18 thoughts on “V12 from Two 1JZ Engines”

    1. I agree. The biggest worry I have (besides being a hoax) is it might be a side project for a someone. So they only work on it when the builder has some time. I hope I am completely totally wrong and this will be completed.

      1. Are you sure its not going to be one of those table builds? Doesn’t look like a garage or workshop and his tools look like that of a carpenters, could ‘ve wrong, why has he bolted the turbos on before fitting other important parts. and even bolted the turbos yo the supporting frame.

        1. There really is not enough info right now. Maybe this was just setup for the photo. Or maybe the guy is really working on this but just wanted a cool photo? I am trying to find out.

  1. thats not a 2jz or a JZ for that matter.. looks like a 1g-gte to me.. the 1g-gte had the turbos setup liek this as well cause those ports are not jz ports and the heads are not js heads.. so thats not a jz engine.

  2. My only comment – Why?
    Toyota has had a V12 engine in the flagship Century model since 1996 and they are readily available from JDM parts wholesalers. Builders in Australia have been souping them up for over a decade.

  3. So does anyone know how to do this I’ve been looking into this a bit now and haven’t found much on how to do it

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