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V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines – Update 3

V12 From Two Toyota inline-six Engines

Since our last update the builder has continued working on the full tube frame, suspension, and plumbing for the two Garrett GTX-3076 turbochargers. If you haven’t been following this project, the builder took two Toyota inline-six engines and put them together to make a V12. There is a long history of manufactures building V12s this way and it is essentially the same thing Toyota did when they built their 5.0 L 1GZ-FE.

V12 From Two Toyota inline-six Engines

two Garrett GTX-3076 turbochargers being mocked up for Toyota V12

Update 4-7-2015: We have received two more photos which we have posted below.
V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines 2

full tube chassis with mid-engine V12 made from two Toyota inline-six engines

Source: Reddit

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4 thoughts on “V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines – Update 3”

  1. All that crazy fab work, and he’s using a DEDION REAR?!?!?! The WTF factor there is massive. Especially after seeing the inboard-shock front double-wishbone.

    And the block, looks like he cut out the main bearing sections and welded them into a sheet box section? It looks like a 120-degree setup, which is cool (the “other” natural block angle from the 60-degree blocks used by OEMs).

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