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V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines – Update 5

V12 From Two Toyota 1JZ I6 Engines

Our favorite V12 project is back with a two updates. Since our previous article the builder has been working hard on strengthening the frame and setting up locations for the driver’s seat, master cylinders, pedals, steering box, fuel tank, battery, radiator and intercoolers. The builder has also started shaping the body using foam insulation glued together laid over wooden frames. The nose cone panel is being designed to pivot forward to provide more room for the driver to enter and exit. The biggest update on the V12 engine is new custom fuel rails.

V12 From Two Toyota 1JZ I6 Engines

V12 From Two Toyota 1JZ I6 Engines

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3 thoughts on “V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines – Update 5”

  1. I love the way the front of the car looks with those front control arms!

    Also, is the lettering on the valve covers a decal or etched? If decals, might be able to re-arrange it a bit to read “5000 twin turbo” haha!

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