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Bellhousing and Transmission Adapters

These companies offer adapters to help with installing a transmission to a specific engine. Please contact us to submit a product or kit.

Use at your own risk. These are adapters we have come across while researching for articles. We have not been paid to post or make any claims to their quality.

Bellhousing Adapters

CompanyEngine MakeEngine ModelTransmission MakeTransmission ModelPrice
G Force Performance PartsCummins6BT, Common RailGM AllisonAllison 1000$1299
PMC MotorsportFordBarraNissanCD009, CD001, CD005, CD006, CD007, CD008, JK40L, 320B0-1EA0A€777-€1400
PMC MotorsportFordBarraBMWZF GS6-53BZ (S6-53), GS6-37DZ, ZF GS5-39DZ, GS6-53DZ, DCT GS7-D36SG, ZF 8HP70€844-€2184
FABbotHondaK20, K24GMPowerglide, TH400, 4L80E, 4L60E, T56, AR5, TR6060$1374
Seems Legit GarageBMWM50, M52, M54, S50, S52, S54BMWDCT$1200
Seems Legit GarageNissanRB25, RB26BMWDCT$1000
Seems Legit GarageMazda13B, 20B, rotaryBMWDCT$2100
Seems Legit GarageHondaF20, F22BMWDCT$1100
Seems Legit GarageHondaK20, K24BMWDCT$1000
Seems Legit GarageToyota1JZ, 2JZBMWDCT$1050
Fisch Racing TechMazdarotary, 13BNissanCD009, CD00A$2797
Fisch Racing TechGM, ChevyLS1, LS2, LS3, LQ4, LQ9, LSxNissanCD009, CD00A$2947
Fisch Racing TechToyota1UZ, 3UZNissanCD009, CD00A$2497
Fisch Racing TechToyota1JZ, 2JZNissanCD009, CD00A$2497
XAT RacingToyota1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZNissanKA, SR five-speed$499
XAT RacingToyota3URNissanCD009, CD001, CD003, CD005, CD008, JK41A, JK41B, JK40C, 1EA0A, and 1EA0B$580
XAT RacingToyota1URNissanCD009, CD001, CD003, CD005, CD008, JK41A, JK41B, JK40C, 1EA0A, and 1EA0B$530
XAT RacingToyota1GZNissanCD009, CD001, CD003, CD005, CD008, JK41A, JK41B, JK40C, 1EA0A, and 1EA0B$530
XAT RacingToyota1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZNissanCD009, CD001, CD003, CD005, CD008, JK41A, JK41B, JK40C, 1EA0A, and 1EA0B$530
XAT RacingToyota1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZToyotaAR5, R154, R150, R151, R150F, R151F$579
XAT RacingToyota1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZToyotaW55, W56, W58, W59$454
Grannas RacingToyota1JZ, 2JZGM, TremecT56, T-56, Magnum$689
G Force PerformanceCummins6BTFord5R110 $1195
G Force PerformanceCummins6BTGMTH400, 4L80E$995
G Force PerformanceGMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxNissanZ32 300ZX$695
G Force PerformanceGMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxNissanFrontier, Xterra 2005-2015
G Force PerformanceGMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxNissanCD009
Quick Time BellhousingHondaK20, K24GM, TremecT56, T-56, T-56 Magnum
Quick Time BellhousingHondaF20, F22, S2000GM, TremecT56, T-56 Magnum, T-56 Viper
LOJ ConversionsNissanVQ35HR, VQ37VHRGMPowerglide, TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L75E, 4L80E
Diesel ConversionVW1.9 L TDI 1998-2003ToyotaW56$645
Diesel ConversionVW1.9 L TDI, AHU, ALHGM, ChevyPowerglide, TH200 Metric, TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60 (Pre-LS style), 4L80 (Pre-LS style)$979
Coty BuiltVW1.9 L TDI, BEW, ALH, BRM, 2.0 L TDI, BHWJeepAX15, NV3550, NSG370$895
Collins Performance TechnologiesFordBarra, BA182, BA240T, BA245T, BA270T, BA310T, BA325TNissan350Z, 370Z, CD009$1,450
Collins Performance TechnologiesFord5.0, SBF, 289 ciNissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX$1,350
Collins Performance TechnologiesToyota1JZ, 2JZSamsonassequential$549
Collins Performance TechnologiesGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Nissan350Z, 370Z, CD001, CD005, CD006, CD008, CD009$499
Collins Performance TechnologiesGMSBC, small-block ChevyNissan350Z, 370Z, CD009, CD00A$499
Collins Performance TechnologiesHondaK24NissanKA24DE$389
Collins Performance TechnologiesHondaK20, K24BMW, MazdaM52, N54, RX8$499
Collins Performance TechnologiesNissanVH41, VH45Nissan350Z, 370Z, CD001, CD005, CD006, CD008, CD009, JK40C$425
Collins Performance TechnologiesNissanSR20DETNissan350Z, CD001, CD005, CD006, CD008, CD009$375
Collins Performance TechnologiesNissanRB25DET, RB26DETT, KA24DENissan350Z, 370Z, CD001, CD005, CD006, CD008, CD009, JK40C$375
Collins Performance TechnologiesNissanVK45, VK56NissanVQ40, 350Z, 370Z, CD001, CD005, CD006, CD008, CD009, JK40C$375-$625
Collins Performance TechnologiesHondaK20, K24Toyota, Subaru, NissanFRS, BRZ, GT86, KA24DE$499
Collins Performance TechnologiesToyota1UZNissan300ZX, 300ZX turbo$315
Collins Performance TechnologiesToyota1UZNissanKA24DE, SR20DET, 350Z, 370Z, CD001, CD005, CD006, CD008, CD009, JK40C$315
Collins Performance TechnologiesToyota1JZ, 2JZNissanCD009, 350Z, 370Z, 300ZX 5-speed$425-$525
Collins Performance TechnologiesToyota1JZ, 2JZBMWS5-320 ZF (5-Speed) , E46, E39, GS6-37BZ (6-Speed), Z4, Z4M, E90, E92, E93, F30, F31, F32, F33$425-$575
Collins Performance TechnologiesToyota1UZ, 3UZNissanCD009, 350Z, 370Z$625
DomiWorks EngineeringToyota2JZBMWDCT S65, S55
DomiWorks EngineeringGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3, LSABMWDCT S65, S55
DomiWorks EngineeringVolvoWhiteblockBMWDCT S63
C3 PerformanceNissanVK56DE, VK56VD, VK50DENissanFrontier 2WD or 4WD manual transmission$925
C3 PerformanceNissanVK45DENissanCD009, JK41
C3 PerformanceNissanVK56DE, VK56VD, VK50DENissanCD009, JK41$700
PMC Motorsport FB pageNissanVQ37BMW8HP70
Diesel Pump UKMercedesOM606NissanCD001, CD009£1095
Quick Time BellhousingsHondaF20, F22FordAODE, AOD$995
Quick Time BellhousingsMazda13B, 20B, rotaryFordAODE, AOD$995
Quick Time BellhousingsMazda13B, 20B, rotaryMuncie, Jerico$847
Quick Time BellhousingsMazda13B, 20B, rotaryGM, TremecT56$1004
STS MachiningVolvoRedblockBMW, Getrag262$150
FABbotGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3, SBC, AisinAR5, AR-5$419
Diesel Pump UKMercedesOM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606Tremec, GMT-56, T56£1,095
Weddle IndustriesHondaJ30A, J32A, J35AVW091, 1976-1979 Type 2 (091 Bus), 1980-1983 Vanagon (Air Cooled), 1984+ Vanagon (Water Cooled)$358
Weddle IndustriesGMEcotecVW091, 1976-1979 Type 2 (091 Bus), 1980-1983 Vanagon (Air Cooled), 1984+ Vanagon (Water Cooled)$358
Weddle IndustriesSubaruVW091, 1976-1979 Type 2 (091 Bus), 1980-1983 Vanagon (Air Cooled), 1984+ Vanagon (Water Cooled)$344
Weddle IndustriesSubaruVW1961+ Type 1, 1968-1975 Type 2$344
Diesel Pump UKMercedesOM605, OM606Land RoverR380, LT77£850–£930
Quick TimeToyota2JZFord6R80$1399
Quick TimeToyota1JZ, 2JZMuncie, JericoFalcon, Muncie, Jerico, Saginaw, Richmond, Bert Racing, Brinn Racing, T10, TKO 500, TKO 600$791
Quick TimeToyota1JZ, 2JZTremecT-56, T56$742
Marked MotorsportHondaJ-series, J35A4GMTH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60E$839
Doomsday DieselVW1.9 TDIToyotaR150$550
Doomsday DieselMercedesOM617ToyotaR150$500
Doomsday DieselMercedesOM617ToyotaW56$500
Doomsday DieselMercedesOM617ToyotaW59$724
Doomsday DieselVW1.9 TDIToyotaW56$550
SubarugearsHondaK20, K24SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
Bob's Automotive MachineHondaK20, K24Subaruautomatic, manual
Bob's Automotive MachineToyota2JZGMautomatic, manual
Bob's Automotive MachineNissanKA24, VQ35GMautomatic, manual
Bob's Automotive MachineHondaK20, K24GMautomatic, manual
Bob's Automotive MachineBMW S52, S54GMautomatic, manual
FTI PerformanceToyota2JZ, 2JZ-GTEGMTH400
FTI PerformanceToyota2JZ, 2JZ-GTEGMPowerglide
FTI PerformanceChryslersmall-block, big-block, V8GMPowerglide
FTI PerformanceFordsmall-block, big-block, modular, V8GMPowerglide
GZRacingFordBarra BMWZF GS6-53DZ1,597
DeeWorksVolvoB21, B23, B230, B234, redblockGM, ChevyTH350, TH400$225
DeeWorksVolvoB21, B23, B230, B234, redblockFordT5$300
DeeWorksVolvoB21, B23, B230, B234, redblockNissan350Z, 370Z, G35, G37, CD009, CD5, CD8 $320-$350
DeeWorksToyota2JZNissan350Z, 370Z, G35, G37, CD009, CD5, CD8 $550
DeeWorksVolvoWhiteblock, T5, T6, modular, B4164S, B4184S, B4204S, B4204T, 5204FT, B5204T, B5234T FordT5$225
DeeWorksVolvoWhiteblock, T5, T6, modular, B4164S, B4184S, B4204S, B4204T, 5204FT, B5204T, B5234T Nissan350Z, 370Z, G35, G37, CD009, CD5, CD8 $550
Bendtsen's Speed GemsMercedesinline-sixGM, Chevyautomatic$925
Bendtsen's Speed GemsMercedesinline-sixFordAOD$925
Bendtsen's Speed GemsMercedesV8GM, Chevy$1295
Bendtsen's Speed GemsMercedesOM617ToyotaLand Cruiser$1295
Bendtsen's Speed GemsMercedesinline-sixGM, Chevymanual$1625
Bendtsen's Speed GemsMercedesinline-fiveGM, Chevy700R4$875
Mercedes Diesel 4x4MercedesOM616, OM617GM, ChevySM420, 700R4, SM465$455
Mercedes Diesel 4x4MercedesOM616, OM617FordT18, T5, T19, NP435, 32R4, M50D-R2$465
Mercedes Diesel 4x4MercedesOM616, OM617JeepAisin, AX-15, NV3550, NSG370, T150, T18, T15, BA10, T176, SR4, T5, T4, TF999$395-$485
Bendtsen's Speed GemsGMEcotec L61GM700R4, TH350, TH400$895-$1195
InlinePROHondaK-series, K20, K24BMWE36, E46$595
InlinePROHondaK-series, K20, K24HondaF-series, F20, F22$595
InlinePROHondaK-series, K20, K24NissanZ34$595
InlinePROHondaK-series, K20, K24NissanZ33$595
InlinePROHondaJ-series, J32, J35HondaK-series, K20, K22$595
InlinePROHondaJ-series, J32, J35HondaF-series, F20, F22$595
InlinePROHondaJ-series, J32, J35NissanZ33$595
InlinePROHondaJ-series, J32, J35NissanZ34$595
InlinePROHondaF-series, F20, F22HondaK-series, K20, K24$595
InlinePROHondaF-series, F20, F22NissanZ33$595
InlinePROHondaF-series, F20, F22NissanZ34

Race Car ReplicasFerrariV8 (308)TremecT5, World-Class T5,

Race Car ReplicasFordModular, CoyotePorscheG50, G96, G97, GT2, GT3

Race Car ReplicasFordWindsor, SBFPorsche G50, G96, G97, GT2, GT3

Race Car ReplicasFerrariV12Porsche G50

Race Car ReplicasGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Porsche G50, G96, G97, GT2, GT3

Race Car ReplicasBMWV12Porsche G50

Race Car ReplicasFordCoyote, ModularFord Ricardo

Race Car ReplicasGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Ford Ricardo

Race Car ReplicasMaseratiV8 4.2 LAudi, Lamborghini Graziano

Race Car ReplicasLamborghiniV10Audi, Lamborghini Graziano

Race Car ReplicasFordCoyote, ModularAudi, Lamborghini Graziano

Race Car ReplicasFordSBF, WindsorAudi, Lamborghini Graziano

Race Car ReplicasFerrariV12 (599), V8 (360, 308)Audi, Lamborghini Graziano

Race Car ReplicasGMSBC, LSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Audi, Lamborghini Graziano

Race Car ReplicasBMWV12Audi, Lamborghini Graziano

Race Car ReplicasAudi4.2 L V8, 5.2 L V10Audi, Lamborghini Graziano

4x4 LabsMercedesOM617 inline-five turbo dieselToyota
W56 five-speed

4x4 LabsMercedesOM617 inline-five turbo dieselToyota
R150 five-speed

Advance AdaptersCummins2.8 L R2.8 inline-fourGM
4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E, 4L85E, 6L80E, 6L90E

Advance AdaptersCummins2.8 L R2.8 inline-fourJeep
Asin AX-15 manual transmission 4WD 1989-1999
Advance AdaptersGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3, SBCLand Rover
County, Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmission
Advance AdaptersGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3, SBCNissan
Patrol, GQ, Y60, GU, Y61, 5-speed manual transmission$1044
Advance AdaptersGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3, SBC, V8, 4.3 L V6New Venture GearNV4500 five-speed$418
Pure AutomotiveToyota2JZNissan350Z, CD009
PMC MotorsportHondaK-series, K20, K24MazdaRX-8, five-speed, six-speed€699
Diesel Pump UKMercedesOM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606MercedesZF5, ZF6 £199
Diesel Pump UKMercedesOM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606NissanPatrol 2.8 L, 3.0 L, 4.2 L, manual£1,095
Diesel Pump UKMercedesOM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606GM, ChevyPowerglide, TH350, TH400, 4L60E, 4L80E, 6L80E£850
XAT RaciingToyota1UZ, 1UZ-FEToyotaR154, R150, R151$615
Cad 500 PartsCadillac425/472/500CadillacTH400$139
BNC ProductsGMLSxPorsche G50
BNC ProductsFordWindsorPorscheG50
BNC ProductsFordModularPorscheG50
BNC ProductsLexusPorscheG50
BNC ProductsFordModularAudiO1E
BNC ProductsGMLSxPorscheG86
BNC ProductsLexusAudiO1E
BNC ProductsGMLSxAudiO1E
BNC ProductsFordWindsorAudiO1E
Xcessive ManufacturingNissanKAGM$245
Xcessive ManufacturingNissanKANissanVG$593
Xcessive ManufacturingNissanSR20GM$255
Xcesssive ManufacturingNissanSR20NissanVG$593
Xcessive ManufacturingNissanVH45NissanVG$420
Xcessive ManufacturingToyota2JZGM$395
Xcessive ManufacturingJaguar4.2 LNissanVG$56
Xcessive ManufacturingToyota1UZToyotaW58$240
DestrokedCummins12v/24v/Common Rail Ford4R100/E40D$795
DestrokedCummins12v/24v/Common Rail Allison1000 series$795
DestrokedCummins12v/24v/Common Rail FordSBF$795
DestrokedCummins12v/24v/Common Rail Ford4R100$795
DestrokedCummins12v/24v/Common Rail FordModular$795
DestrokedCummins12v/24v/Common Rail FordZF6$795
DestrokedFordPowerstrokeAllison1000 series$795
Diesel ConversionCummins12v/24vGMautomatic (TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60E, 4L80E)$799
Diesel ConversionCummins5.9 L CR 2003-2007, 6.7 CR 2007-2009Ford6.9/7.3 C-6, 7.3 E4OD, 7.3 4R100$1,074
Diesel ConversionCummins12v/24vFordZF5$749
Diesel ConversionCummins12v/24vFordZF6$859
Diesel ConversionCummins5.9 L CR 2003-2007, 6.7 CR 2007-2009FordZF6$849
Diesel ConversionCummins12v/24vFordZF6$849
Diesel ConversionCummins4BTFordSBF$749
Bill's Auto FabMitsubishi4G63GMTH350$360
Bill's Auto FabHondaK-series, K20, K24GMPowerglide
Bill's Auto FabHondaJ-seriesGMPowerglide
Bill's Auto FabMitsubishi4G63PorscheBoxster
Bill's Auto FabMitsubishi4G63TremecT-56$550
Bill's Auto FabMitsubishi4G63ToyotaR154$475
Bill's Auto FabMitsubishi4G63Toyota W-series$350
CollinsToyota1JZ-GTENissan350Z, 370Z$399
CollinsToyota2JZ-GTENissan350Z, 370Z$399
CollinsNissanVH41DENissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX, 240SX$399
CollinsNissanVH45DENissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX, 240SX$399
CollinsNissanSR20DETNissan350Z, 350ZHR, 370Z$349
CollinsNissanVK45DENissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX, 240SX$399
CollinsNissanVK56DENissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX$349
CollinsNissanRB26DETT, RB25DET, KA24DENissan350Z, 350ZHR, 370Z$349
CollinsGMLSxNissan350Z, 370Z$449
CollinsToyota1JZ, 2JZBMWZF$349
Cummins Allison ConversionsCummins12v, 24v, Common RailAllison3rd Gen 5-speed 1000, 2000 and 4th Gen 6-speed Allison 1000, 2000
XAT RacingToyota1UZ-FE, 1UZToyotaV160$499
XAT RacingToyota1GR, 2GR, 3GR, 4GR ToyotaR154$595
Mickey GarageGMLS3, LSxZF8HP70
Racing Custom PartsGMLS3, LSxZF8HP70
Turbo LamikNissanVQ35DE, VQZF8HP70
SubarugearsVWType 1, Type 4 air-cooled SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
SubarugearsMazda12A, 13B, rotarySubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
SubarugearsVWVR6SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
SubarugearsFordEcoboostSubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
SubarugearsGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
SubarugearsGMEcotecSubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
SubarugearsGMHolden V8 253, 3u08SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
SubarugearsToyota1UZ-FESubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
SubarugearsAlfa RomeoboxerSubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1250
KMiataHondaK-series, K20, K24BMWZF five-speed$1495
KMiataMazdaBP-series, BMWZF five-speed$1195
LOJ ConversionsGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3NissanVQ40DE (2005-2015 Xterra / Frontier) Manual Transmission $899
LOJ ConversionsGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Nissan350Z manual transmission$1199
LOJ ConversionsGMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Nissan300ZX manual transmission$899
PMC MotorsportToyota1JZ, 2JZBMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57, M57N€300
PMC MotorsportToyota1JZ, 2JZMazdaRX-8€300
PMC MotorsportToyota1JZ, 2JZNissan350Z€300
PMC MotorsportToyota1JZ, 2JZBMWF10 GS6-45BZ€300
PMC MotorsportToyota1JZ, 2JZAudi01E (2.5 L TDI V6)€300
PMC MotorsportToyota1UZ, 3UZMazdaRX-8€300
PMC MotorsportBMWM60, M62, S62BMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57€320
PMC MotorsportBMWM60, M62, S62BMWM57N, M57N2€320
PMC MotorsportBMWM60, M62, S62Audi01E (2.5 L TDI V6)€320
PMC MotorsportBMWM60, M62, S62Nissan350Z€300
PMC MotorsportBMWM70, M73BMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57€320
PMC MotorsportBMWM70, M73BMWM60, M62€320
PMC MotorsportBMWM70, M73Audi01E (2.5 L TDI V6)€320
PMC MotorsportGMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxBMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57€340
PMC MotorsportGMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxBMWM57N, M57N2€340
PMC MotorsportGMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxNissan350Z€340
PMC MotorsportMitsubishi4G63BMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57, M57N, M57N2€300
PMC MotorsportMitsubishi4G63MazdaRX-8€300
PMC MotorsportMitsubishi4G63Audi01E (2.5 L TDI V6)€300
PMC MotorsportNissanRB20, RB25, RB30BMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57€300
PMC MotorsportBMWM57NissanZD30 Patrol Y61€320
PMC MotorsportBMWM57NissanRD28 Patrol Y60€320
TD ConversionsVWTDI Jeep4.0 L $1125
TD ConversionsVWTDI FordRanger 3.0 L and 4.0 L$1125
TD ConversionsVWTDI Chevysmall-block V8$1125
TD ConversionsVWTDI Dodgesmall-block V8$1125