Bellhousing Adapters

These companies offer adapters to help with installing a transmission to a specific engine. If you know of other swap kits please use the form at the bottom to submit one.

Use at your own risk. These are adapters I have come across while researching for articles. I have not been paid to post or make any claims to their quality.

Bellhousing Adapters

Engine MakeEngine ModelTransmission MakeTransmission ModelPriceLink
MercedesOM617 inline-five turbo dieselToyota
W56 five-speed

$7254x4 Labs
MercedesOM617 inline-five turbo dieselToyota
R150 five-speed

$7254x4 Labs
Cummins2.8 L R2.8 inline-fourGM
4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E, 4L85E, 6L80E, 6L90E

$1464Advance Adapters
Cummins2.8 L R2.8 inline-fourJeep
Asin AX-15 manual transmission 4WD 1989-1999
$1582Advance Adapters
GMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3, SBCLand Rover
County, Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmission
$907Advance Adapters
GMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3, SBCNissan
Patrol, GQ, Y60, GU, Y61, 5-speed manual transmission$1044Advance Adapters
GMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3, SBC, V8, 4.3 L V6New Venture GearNV4500 five-speed$418Advance Adapters
Toyota2JZNissan350Z, CD009Pure Automotive
HondaK-series, K20, K24MazdaRX-8, five-speed, six-speed€699PMC Motorsport
MercedesOM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606BMWZF5, ZF6 £1,095Diesel Pump UK
MercedesOM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606Land RoverV8 ZF HP22 automatic£599Diesel Pump UK
MercedesOM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606Land RoverR380 manual£1,095Diesel Pump UK
MercedesOM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606NissanPatrol 2.8 L, 3.0 L, 4.2 L, manual£1,095Diesel Pump UK
MercedesOM606GMautomatic£850Diesel Pump UK
Toyota1UZ, 1UZ-FEToyotaR154, R150, R151$615XAT Raciing
Cadillac425/472/500CadillacTH400$139Cad 500 Parts
GMLSxPorsche G50BNC Products
FordWindsorPorscheG50BNC Products
FordModularPorscheG50BNC Products
LexusPorscheG50BNC Products
FordModularAudiO1EBNC Products
GMLSxPorscheG86BNC Products
LexusAudiO1EBNC Products
GMLSxAudiO1EBNC Products
FordWindsorAudiO1EBNC Products
NissanKAGM$245Xcessive Manufacturing
NissanKANissanVG$593Xcessive Manufacturing
NissanSR20GM$255Xcessive Manufacturing
NissanSR20NissanVG$593Xcesssive Manufacturing
NissanVHNissanVG$420Xcessive Manufacturing
Toyota2JZGM$395Xcessive Manufacturing
Jaguar4.2 LNissanVG$56Xcessive Manufacturing
Toyota1UZToyotaW58$240Xcessive Manufacturing
Cummins12v/24v/Common Rail Ford4R100/E40D$795Destroked
Cummins12v/24v/Common Rail Allison1000 series$795Destroked
Cummins12v/24v/Common Rail FordSBF$795Destroked
Cummins12v/24v/Common Rail Ford4R100$795Destroked
Cummins12v/24v/Common Rail FordModular$795Destroked
Cummins12v/24v/Common Rail FordZF6$795Destroked
FordPowerstrokeAllison1000 series$795Destroked
Cummins12v/24vGMautomatic (TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60E, 4L80E)$799Diesel Conversion
Cummins5.9 L CR 2003-2007, 6.7 CR 2007-2009Ford6.9/7.3 C-6, 7.3 E4OD, 7.3 4R100$1,074Diesel Conversion
Cummins12v/24vFordZF5$749Diesel Conversion
Cummins12v/24vFordZF6$859Diesel Conversion
Cummins5.9 L CR 2003-2007, 6.7 CR 2007-2009FordZF6$849Diesel Conversion
Cummins12v/24vFordZF6$849Diesel Conversion
Cummins4BTFordSBF$749Diesel Conversion
Toyota1JZ, 2JZBMWE46 M3 6-speed (2000-2006),
E36 M3 6-speed (1995-1999),
E39 3.0d 5-speed (1998-2000),
E46 3.0d 5-speed (1999-2005),
E46 2.0d 5-speed (2001-2005)
ABC Clutch
Toyota1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZBMWE46 M3 6-speed (2000-2006),
E36 M3 6-speed (1995-1999),
E39 3.0d 5-speed (1998-2000),
E46 3.0d 5-speed (1999-2005),
E46 2.0d 5-speed (2001-2005)
ABC Clutch
NissanRB20, RB25, RB26, RB30BMWE46 M3 6-speed (2000-2006),
E36 M3 6-speed (1995-1999),
E39 3.0d 5-speed (1998-2000),
E46 3.0d 5-speed (1999-2005),
E46 2.0d 5-speed (2001-2005)
ABC Clutch
GMLSxBMWE46 M3 6-speed (2000-2006),
E36 M3 6-speed (1995-1999),
E39 3.0d 5-speed (1998-2000),
E46 3.0d 5-speed (1999-2005),
E46 2.0d 5-speed (2001-2005)
ABC Clutch
NissanSR20BMWE46 M3 6-speed (2000-2006),
E36 M3 6-speed (1995-1999),
E39 3.0d 5-speed (1998-2000),
E46 3.0d 5-speed (1999-2005),
E46 2.0d 5-speed (2001-2005)
ABC Clutch
VolvoB200xx, B230xxBMWE46 M3 6-speed (2000-2006),
E36 M3 6-speed (1995-1999),
E39 3.0d 5-speed (1998-2000),
E46 3.0d 5-speed (1999-2005),
E46 2.0d 5-speed (2001-2005)
ABC Clutch
Mercedes4.3 - 6.3 L V8 enginesBMWE46 M3 6-speed (2000-2006),
E36 M3 6-speed (1995-1999),
E39 3.0d 5-speed (1998-2000),
E46 3.0d 5-speed (1999-2005),
E46 2.0d 5-speed (2001-2005)
ABC Clutch
Toyota3S-GTEBMWE46 M3 6-speed (2000-2006),
E36 M3 6-speed (1995-1999),
E39 3.0d 5-speed (1998-2000),
E46 3.0d 5-speed (1999-2005),
E46 2.0d 5-speed (2001-2005)
ABC Clutch
Mitsubishi4G63GMTH350$360Bill's Auto Fab
HondaK-seriesGMPowerglideBill's Auto Fab
HondaJ-seriesGMPowerglideBill's Auto Fab
Mitsubishi4G63PorscheBoxsterBill's Auto Fab
Mitsubishi4G63TremecT-56$550Bill's Auto Fab
Mitsubishi4G63ToyotaR154$475Bill's Auto Fab
Mitsubishi4G63Toyota W-series$350Bill's Auto Fab
Toyota1JZ-GTENissan350Z, 370Z$399Collins
Toyota2JZ-GTENissan350Z, 370Z$399Collins
NissanVH41DENissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX, 240SX$399Collins
NissanVH45DENissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX, 240SX$399Collins
NissanSR20DETNissan350Z, 350ZHR, 370Z$349Collins
NissanVK45DENissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX, 240SX$399Collins
NissanVK56DENissan350Z, 370Z, 300ZX$349Collins
NissanRB26DETT, RB25DET, KA24DENissan350Z, 350ZHR, 370Z$349Collins
GMLSxNissan350Z, 370Z$449Collins
Toyota1JZ, 2JZBMWZF$349Collins
Cummins12v, 24v, Common RailAllison3rd Gen 5-speed 1000, 2000 and 4th Gen 6-speed Allison 1000, 2000Cummins Allison Conversions
Toyota1UZ-FE, 1UZToyotaV160$499XAT Racing
Toyota1GR, 2GR, 3GR, 4GR ToyotaR154$595XAT Racing
OldsmobileQuad 4GMAutomatic (Early Chevy bolt patter)$546.25Quad 4 Rods
OldsmobileQuad 4GM700R4 Small Case$546.25Quad 4 Rods
OldsmobileQuad 4FordC4$593.75Quad 4 Rods
OldsmobileQuad 4GMT5, T10, Muncie, Saginaw, and Twin Cam 1996-2000$593.75Quad 4 Rods
FordDuratec V6, SHO V8FordT5$781.25Quad 4 Rods
FordDuratec VWType 1 and Hewland MK8, MK9$593.75Quad 4 Rods
FordDuratec FordT5$593.75Quad 4 Rods
FordDuratec FordT9$593.75Quad 4 Rods
FordZetecFordT5$593.75Quad 4 Rods
FordZetecFordT9$593.75Quad 4 Rods
GMEcotecGM2004R Small Case$546.25Quad 4 Rods
GMEcotecGMT5$593.75Quad 4 Rods
GMLS3, LSxZF8HP70Mickey Garage
GMLS3, LSxZF8HP70Racing Custom Parts
NissanVQ35DE, VQZF8HP70Turbo Lamik
VWType 1, Type 4 air-cooled SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1000Subarugears
VWTDI, 1.8 T, 15-degree, 20 degree, 50-degreeSubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$500Subarugears
VWVR6SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1000Subarugears
FordEcoboostSubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1000Subarugears
GMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1000Subarugears
GMEcotecSubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1000Subarugears
GMHolden V8 253, 3u08SubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1000Subarugears
Toyota1UZ-FESubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1000Subarugears
Alfa RomeoboxerSubaruTY75 five-speed, TY85 six-speed$1000Subarugears
HondaK-series, K20, K24BMWZF five-speed$1495KMiata
MazdaBP-series, BMWZF five-speed$1195KMiata
GMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3NissanVQ40DE (2005-2015 Xterra / Frontier) Manual Transmission $899LOJ Conversions
GMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Nissan350Z manual transmission$1199LOJ Conversions
GMLSx, LS1, LS2, LS3Nissan300ZX manual transmission$899LOJ Conversions
Toyota1JZ, 2JZBMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57, M57N€300PMC Motorsport
Toyota1JZ, 2JZMazdaRX-8€300PMC Motorsport
Toyota1JZ, 2JZNissan350Z€300PMC Motorsport
Toyota1JZ, 2JZBMWF10 GS6-45BZ€300PMC Motorsport
Toyota1JZ, 2JZAudi01E (2.5 L TDI V6)€300PMC Motorsport
Toyota1UZ, 3UZMazdaRX-8€300PMC Motorsport
BMWM60, M62, S62BMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57€320PMC Motorsport
BMWM60, M62, S62BMWM57N, M57N2€320PMC Motorsport
BMWM60, M62, S62Audi01E (2.5 L TDI V6)€320PMC Motorsport
BMWM60, M62, S62Nissan350Z€300PMC Motorsport
BMWM70, M73BMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57€320PMC Motorsport
BMWM70, M73BMWM60, M62€320PMC Motorsport
BMWM70, M73Audi01E (2.5 L TDI V6)€320PMC Motorsport
GMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxBMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57€340PMC Motorsport
GMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxBMWM57N, M57N2€340PMC Motorsport
GMLS1, LS2, LS3, LSxNissan350Z€340PMC Motorsport
Mitsubishi4G63BMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57, M57N, M57N2€300PMC Motorsport
Mitsubishi4G63MazdaRX-8€300PMC Motorsport
Mitsubishi4G63Audi01E (2.5 L TDI V6)€300PMC Motorsport
NissanRB20, RB25, RB30BMWM20, M50, M52, S50, S52, M57€300PMC Motorsport
BMWM57NissanZD30 Patrol Y61€320PMC Motorsport
BMWM57NissanRD28 Patrol Y60€320PMC Motorsport
VWTDI Jeep4.0 L $1125TD Conversions
VWTDI FordRanger 3.0 L and 4.0 L$1125TD Conversions
VWTDI Chevysmall-block V8$1125TD Conversions
VWTDI Dodgesmall-block V8$1125TD Conversions

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