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Volkswagen Caddy with a Ford V8

VW Caddy with a 5.4 L Ford V8

Volkswagen built this 1981 Volkswagen Caddy Sportruck by essentially taking a Golf MK1 and sticking a bed on it. Because of this it came with a small 1.7 L inline-four and FWD drivetrain. Shane Drake is the owner of the Caddy. He converted the truck to RWD and installed a Ford 5.4 L Triton V8. A TR3650 five-speed manual transmission with a Competition Clutch Stage 3 clutch sends power to a Mustang rear end with a 7.5-inch differential. The front suspension features adjustable coilovers while the back is a four-link.

VW Caddy with a 5.4 L Ford V8

VW Caddy with a 5.4 L Ford V8

Source: Shane Drake and Speedhunters

6 thoughts on “Volkswagen Caddy with a Ford V8”

  1. thanks for the post!
    yeah the suspension is extremeley stiff, makes for a pretty tough ride over long distances. luckily the seats are really comfortable so in the end it kind of balances out!

  2. I am inspired I know have found the perfect project for myself ive been contemplating many different options and this is just sheer beauty

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