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Wildest MGB On Earth

MGB GT3 with a twin-turbo Rover/Lotus V8

Jason Shalders is building a FIA GT3 spec race car out of a 1966 MGB GT with a goal of setting the Nurburgring street-legal car lap record. To power this wild beast, Jason is taking a 4.0L Rover V8 and installing a pair of Lotus 4v heads. The Lotus heads will solve the one issue of the Rover design, poor air flow. To get these to work together, Jason designed custom rods, pistons, crank, pneumonic valves, cams and dry sump system. On top of that he will add two Owen Development GT3582 HTA turbochargers to help produce somewhere around 1,300 horsepower. APS Motorsports has done a great job photographing their progress on their Facebook page. I can’t wait to see video of this going around Nurburgring.

MGB GT3 with a twin-turbo Rover/Lotus V8

Source: APS Motorsports’ Facebook page via Speedhunters

5 thoughts on “Wildest MGB On Earth”

  1. i like the look of your engine. which head did you turnaround? what about the cams in that head? you would have to do the same with the cams as well,the reason i am asking this ,is because i am sort of comparing what i am about to under take, a 32 valve triumph stag v8. i am using triumph dolomite sprint heads. i will be doing a lot of tig welding . the cam on the right bank[looking from in side the car] no2 and no3 cam lobes will have to move to keep the stag firing order. i know canley clasic started one years ago , monty of sc pasts said some one else was all so doing the same thing.

  2. It makes me think instantly of the Marcos Le Mans for the spirit. I whish it could be as spectacular as the Macros was with a great engine sound!

  3. An Aluminum Rover block much over 550 horse Power is called a grenade! I know if I had not had a scatter shield at 140 MPH I would not have legs.

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