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Lexus LS430 Upgraded To LS620

2006 Lexus SC430 With LS3 V8

When you venture down the engine swap road less traveled, you should probably have a professional drive you. For example no one makes a swap kit to install a LS3 V8 into a 2006 Lexus LS430. So when the owner of this LS430 decided to go that route he took it to Daft Innovations who have lot of experience swapping LSx engine into Japanese cars like the 240SX, Miata and IS300. There they made custom mounts, headers, and wired the GM ECU into the Lexus system so everything would work like factory. The backup camera even works when you shift the car into reverse.

LS3 V8 inside Lexus SC430 engine bay

The engine features Precision Race Components Stage 3 heads, upgraded cam, and a FAST 102mm throttle body. This combination was good for 480 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque without a proper tune. Future plans for the car include installing custom 20-inch wheels, wide body conversion, new paint, and a supercharger. It will be exciting to see how it looks and performs after the next round of mods.

Source: LS1Tech

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  1. My name is Jesse. I run a sole proprietorship in Indianapolis I call Prestige Auto Repair. I am going to do this myself. It looks like fun!

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