Porsche 930 with a 3.8 L Flat-Six

1979 Porsche 930 with a 3.8 L flat-six

This 1979 Porsche 930 was converted by Patrick Motorsports in Phoenix, Arizona to a 1974 911 RSR IROC inspired street racer. In the engine bay they installed a 3.6 L flat-six from a 1997 993 Carrera. The company bumped the displacement to 3.8 liters with hydraulic sport camshafts, high-velocity merge collectors, and 1973 RSR muffler. … Read more

BMW E46 with a Turbo VR6

BMW E46 with a Turbo R32 VR6

Kajetan Grabarczyk competes in the Polish Drift Series in a BMW E46 for Maximum Drift Team. The factory BMW engine has been replaced with a turbocharged 3.2 L VR6. The engine makes 625 hp at 5700 rpm and 883 Nm at 4194 rpm thanks to forged internals and a JRspec GT3582R turbocharger. The engine is … Read more

Lotus Elise with a Turbo Honda K20

Lotus Elise with a turbo Honda K20 inline-four

This Lotus Elise S2 was built by owner Anton Geshelin for circuit racing. The 1700 lb race car is powered by a turbocharged Honda K20 inline-four making 541 hp and 435 lb-ft of torque to the wheels. The engine sits on SunSpeed engine mounts and features 4Piston 154 head, Armstrong Race Engineering dry sump, electric … Read more

Custom Wheel Horse Mower with a Honda Motorcycle Engine

Wheel Horse Mower with a Honda CBR1000 motorcycle engine

Danny Key races a very fast custom Wheel Horse garden tractor built at his company Key Services in the UK. The wild vehicle starts with a custom tubular chassis with disc brakes, aluminum race seat, and wheelie bars. Power is generated by a 90’s Honda CBR1000 inline-four running on VP race fuel with 2-into-1 straight … Read more

BMW E30 with a Twin-Turbo V10

BMW E30 with a Twin-Turbo S85 V10

Odd Gunnar Kjøniksen has spent five years transforming his BMW E30 in his garage in Trøgstad, Norway. The car was built from the ground up in order to make the ultimate drift monster. The project starts with a 1988 BMW E30 318i stripped down to a bare shell. Odd Gunnar reinforced the chassis with an … Read more