RB26 Powered Drag Miata Almost Crashes

Mazda Miata with a turbo RB26 inline-six

The Mazda Miata in the video below comes close to hitting the wall several times. At the end of the video the driver explains the 2.6 L RB26 inline-six got too hot waiting to race and the core plug blew out spilling coolant on one of the rear tires during the race. The Miata previously … Read more

NASA Spec LS1 Miata at Infineon

This is a great video of a LS1 powered Miata racing at Infineon in the Super Unlimited class. The driver explains he obtained a penalty in qualifying which forced the him to begin the race in the back. Grab some some good headphones and experience 19 minutes and 22 seconds of awesomeness. Source: LS1Tech

RB25 Powered Mazda Miata

The first upgrade to the Miata was a turbo kit. That could only add so much power. Then the owner upgraded the car with a donation of a blown RB25 from a friend’s drift 240SX. The engine is a RB25DET from a Nissan R34 NEO Skyline. With the Garrett turbo, the engine is putting out … Read more

Mazda Miata with LS1

This 1995 Mazda Miata has a 2001 LS1 [original link no longer exists: http://www.v8rx7forum.com/showthread.php?58532-95-Miata-LS1] with a T-56 six speed transmission. [image link no longer exists: http://ls1toy.com/sub_ls1toy/Calvins_Miata_files/Media/IMG_0004/IMG_0004.jpg] [image link no longer exists: http://ls1toy.com/sub_ls1toy/Calvins_Miata_files/Media/IMG_0026/IMG_0026.jpg] More images can be seen here [original link no longer exists: http://ls1toy.com/sub_ls1toy/Calvins_Miata.html]