Time Attack Opel GT with a Turbo 4.0 L Inline-Four Update

Time Attack Opel GT with a Turbo Thor Inline-Four

It’s been a year since we first shared the Opel GT “ER8” race car being built by Elmer Racing in Kirkkonummi, Finland to compete in World Time Attack Challenge. In that time Elmer Racing’s Oskar Elmgren released several videos discussing race design and parts in their ER8 project. The newest update covers the project’s amazing … Read more

Radical Sportscars RPE 2.7 L V8 with Hayabusa Heads

Radical Performance Engines RPE V8

Radical Sportscars is known for their series of race cars and road-legal sport cars built in Peterborough, UK. The company’s powertrain division called Radical Performance Engines (formerly Powertec) also builds a custom 72-degree V8. They developed the engine in partnership with Steve Prentice Design starting in 2002. The prototype engine featured a 2.6 L displacement … Read more

Custom Supercharged Inline-Eight

Custom Supercharged Inline-Eight

Chris Ireland aka “Desperate Dan” loves building motorcycles, trikes, hot rods, and engines. Several years ago he built a custom supercharged 2.4 L inline-eight for a trike project. It was constructed from two air-cooled 1200 cc NSU inline-four engines bolted together at the crank. It features a GMC supercharger, Weber twin choke carburetors, and Rover … Read more

Hartley Engine’s Custom 1GZ V12

Nissan S14 with a Toyota 1GZ-FE V12

Jaron Olivecrona competes in a Nissan S14 with a 5.0 L V12 built by Hartley Engines. The V12 makes 700 horsepower at 9,500 rpm with a 13:1 compression ratio and E85 fuel. Although the engine is based on Toyota’s 1GZ-FE V12, it features many custom parts developed and built by Hartley Engines. Listen as Andre … Read more