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Lamborghini Gallardo with a Turbocharged VW Inline-Four

Lamborghini Gallardo with a turbocharged Volkswagen inline-four

Mottin Racing is a Brazilian race team that competes in endurance racing. They race several cars including this special Lamborghini Gallardo LP520 that competes in the GT1 class. Instead of the 5.2 L V10 screaming in the back there is now a turbocharged Volkswagen 20v inline-four. I tried to find out more about the engine including contacting the team but neither turned up more information. While doing research on the project I found someone claiming the engine was made from an AP block with a 20v head. As to why there is a inline-four in the Gallaro? My theory is they used the Lamborghini V10 to power a new prototype race car they built. If anyone knows more information please contact us or leave a comment.

Lamborghini Gallardo with a turbocharged Volkswagen inline-four

Lamborghini Gallardo with a turbocharged Volkswagen inline-four

Lamborghini Gallardo with a turbocharged Volkswagen inline-four

drivers of the Mottin Racing #46 Lamborghini Gallardo

Source: Mottin Racing and Endurance Brasil via ESD reader Alceu

25 thoughts on “Lamborghini Gallardo with a Turbocharged VW Inline-Four”

  1. Brazilian guy here. The v10 was too costly (here) to maintain, while the AP is very common prepared engine. You can almost get new forged pistons as bread change (internal joke). And, they can get pretty much the same power output and about the same weight (iron block and turbo pipes).

      1. YES, is this block. In fact, VW Brazil has used this engine on almost every car it sold here. Now, ins 2017 I think we have 2 models with this block in production yet.

  2. Yes, this is exactly what happened, the engine is being used on their MCR Grand Am Prototype.

    This engine is an evolution from the old Audi 827, latter adapted to VW MD and made Brazilian when it received the AP name.

    This engine family had many small iterations through decades starting on 1973 with VW Passat and living until 2009 with VW Gol and its pickup and station wagon variants.

    This particular unit on the lambo has an engine head from a newer VW/Audi 20-valve engine (probably Golf sourced).

    I hope this helps.

  3. Another brasilian guy here. In case you got interested with ours AP, recommend you search for VW Gol DTA or VW Gol FLD. DTA and FLD are famous categories on brasilian drag races, with most powerful variations of the AP, with 8, 16 and 20v

  4. This Gallardo received the 20v EA827 turbo temporarily. After some tests the V10 engine again picked up and unfortunately it crashed at the end of the year 2016.
    As far as I know, it’s being recovered.
    The Lamborghini engine used in the prototype came from another crashed Gallardo.

        1. A bit of a tangent, but there is a Audi R8 with a 2.0 TFSI running in the German Bergcup (hillclimb) by driver Keith Murray. In that case mostly due to reglement, as with its 5.2 or 4.2 litre engine is would have to run against the open class monsters

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