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For Sale: 1966 MGB with a Ford V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

This 1966 MGB is for sale in Tennessee with an asking price of $21,500. The car is powered by a Ford 302 crate motor that produces 345 horsepower which is a lot more than the factory B-series inline-four made. The drivetrain consists of a Ford Racing T5 five-speed manual transmission and narrowed Chevy S-10 10-bolt rear end with a LSD and 3.42 gears. The engine and transmission were installed by Mantell Motorsports using one of their Ford V8 swap kits. Full stats included below.

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

1966 MGB with a Ford 302 ci V8

Full Stats:

  • 1966 MGB rebuilt on a 1980 body shell


  • Ford Boss 302 crate motor (345HP) with 4 bolt mains
  • Aluminum GT40 heads
  • hydraulic roller cam (E303)
  • Edelbrock intake manifold
  • Quick Fuel HR series 650 cfm carb
  • Petronix flame thrower distributor
  • MSD Blaster 2 ignition coil
  • Ford Motorsport short neck water pump
  • remote oil filter
  • remote oil cooler
  • V8 conversion by Mantell Motorsports


  • Ford Racing Super Duty T5 5-speed
  • Ford Motorsport Aluminum flywheel
  • CNC pull type slave cylinder
  • MGB master cylinder
  • Modified shifter
  • D&D fabrications driveshaft
  • Chevy S-10 10 bolt rear end, narrowed by D&D Fabrications
  • Auburn limited slip differential
  • 3.42 final drive


  • Mantell Motorsport aluminum radiator
  • Flex-a-Lite low profile electric fan with shroud


  • Fast Cars through the fender headers with Jet Hot coating
  • exiting into 2.5″ aluminized dual exhaust with crossover pipe and Jones performance mufflers

Front Suspension:

  • Cross member modified to accommodate Ford oil pan
  • Lever arm shock absorbers
  • Red polyurethane bushings
  • 7/8″ front sway bar

Rear Suspensions:

  • 1980 MGB springs and sway bar
  • Moss Motors (Monroe) tube shock conversion


  • late model MGB master cylinder and power brake servo
  • stock front disk brakes
  • Chevy S-10 rear drum brakes
  • D&D Fabrication parking brake assembly
  • Braided stainless steel brake lines


  • stock MGB wiring
  • modified for V8 installation
  • 100 amp Delco-Remy style alternator


  • 14″ aluminum “Z Racing” wheels
  • 185-70 LST touring tires

Source: MG Exp

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  1. I like what I’m seeing, Is this car still available? Is the title tided to the 1966 MGB or the 1980 MGB? Is the title clear? Please let me know.

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