1960 Beetle with a Turbo Audi I4

1960 VW Beetle with a Turbo Audi I4

This 1960 VW Beetle has been owned by the same man since the mid-80’s and spent a lot of work over the past 14 years tuning it into the beast you see. It all started when the owner tired of keeping the air-cooled motor going and looked for a more powerful engine that wouldn’t break the bank. He chose to go with a 1.8 L Audi inline-four that produced 158 whp with the stock internals and turbocharger. However after rebuilding the engine with forged JE pistons, Integrated Engineering forged rods, 034Motorsport Stage 2c EMS, and Garrett GTX2863R turbo it produces 389 horsepower to the wheels on E85 fuel and 22 psi boost. That power goes through a SPEC clutch and lightweight steel flywheel connected to a 02M six-speed transmission with a Wave-Trac LSD. The Beetle rides on a custom A-arm front suspension and the rear is made with from a Golf Mk2/Mk3 subframe and suspension components. The owner has done a great job of documenting the project’s progress and if you enjoy reading build threads then I recommend checking it out.

1960 VW Beetle with a Turbo Audi I4

1960 VW Beetle with a Turbo Audi I4

Source: German Look (build thread), @Volkdent and @Chucklesgarage via Jalopnik


  1. Anonymous

    Love it or hate it, this beetle is definitely one of the top builds
    I like the clean theme and the colors are wonderful

  2. Jim

    I think it’s more accurate to say the rear suspension is Golf front suspension. Pretty cool, even if leaving the steering rack in place is an odd choice.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I have edited the article to remove the indication that is the rear suspension from a Golf and just say it was made from Golf parts.

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