Hyundai Accent with a Turbo Beta Inline-Four

Hyundai Accent with a Turbo 2.0 L Beta Inline-Four

This Hyundai Accent was built by Danny Racing Heads in Jersey City, New Jersey. Under the hood sits a built 2.0 L Beta inline-four that produces 436 horsepower to the front wheels on 25 psi of boost. The engine features a 1999 Beta I block, 2004 Beta II head with solid lifters, turbocharger, and Microtech LT10S ECU. The drivetrain is an Action Clutch Ironman clutch connected to an Accent transmission. The car’s best quarter-mile is 10.835 sec at 134.22 mph.

Source: Danny Accent Performance and TalonTSi97 Videos

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