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Engine Magician Turns Two V8 Motors into One V12


It seldom gets crazier or better than this. Someone has taken two LSx motors and turned them into a 8.9L V12. I will let the creator describe the process.

The block is cut through the center of the bore inbetween the lifters (on this design). After skinning both halves, then you line them up and weld. You weld inside and out, and install a wet sleeve on those two cylinders to cover it. Between the ribbing and the additional deck, the weld is just as strong as the original cast block.

For the heads, you pair them together and cut one cylinder off each side. Similar process, the big trick is pairing them together straight and lining up bolt holes/dowel pins.

For the crank, we also saw off both ends and pair it together in the middle of the journal.

This build we are NOT designing the crank like a 12. The firing order is set up so it is like a V16 minus four cylinder. We plan to push this crank and see just how much power we can make on it. We save a lot of money and time not making brand new cranks ourselves, so we’re giving this a whirl

Esstienally the same for the cam, pair it up/line it up, and weld through the center cam support journal. We are sending this off to be reground.

And just to make this even sweeter, the frankenstein V12 motor is going in a Datsun 240Z.

Update: Forum Questions Answered here, here, and here.

Source: LS1Tech

5 thoughts on “Engine Magician Turns Two V8 Motors into One V12”

  1. That’s Some Crazy Engineering !! I Wish I had Some of these to sell on my Website.
    Jon Massaro
    Firebird & Camaro New & Used Performance & Restoration Parts

  2. F’in UNREAL… in a 240Z !?!?!?! Please tell me u bought hefty Life ins. Policy 😉 no idea how you will transfer that power & Tq to the ground……RESPECT.

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