1964 Corvair Van with a Mid-Engine Twin-Supercharged V8


Open the sliding door to TorqStorm’s 1964 Corvair Van and you will see a 540 cubic-inch big-block Chevy V8 with twin-supercharges sitting right in the middle of it. The van was built by Go Fast Productions out of Wyoming, Michigan. The engine features a 502 block, Dart 345cc Pro One heads, Eagle crank and rods, and SRP pistons. The engine made 650 horsepower without the superchargers. So there is no telling how much power it has now. If this is anyone’s dream van, TorqStorm is looking to sell it for $45K.

Warning – video is loud

Warning – video is loud

Warning – video is loud

Source: TorqStorm

2 thoughts on “1964 Corvair Van with a Mid-Engine Twin-Supercharged V8”

  1. As the President of the Corvair V-8 Registry, our Corvair group is always interested in unique builds. Your Corvair van with the supercharged engine surely qualifies. Our group has 150+ members worldwide who enjoy Corvairs that handle well and go fast . Someone in our group may have an interest in your vehicle. I will post a note on our Forum.

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