V8 Chevy Astro Van

LT1 V8 1990 Chevy Astro Van

This 1990 Chevrolet Astro Van originally came from the factory with a 4.3L V6 engine. The Chevy Astro is a good choice for a LT1 swap since the 4.3L V6 is based off the Chevy V8 engine. Many of the same parts work for for both. This LT1 has an Edelbrock intake, 600 CFM carburetor, and is mated to a 4L60 transmission. The van being held back by some engine and traction issues is still able to run 14.8 seconds in the quarter mile.

Source: Pro-Touring

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  1. I recently bought an lt1 without the tranny,i own a 92 1500 w/a 4.3 manuel trans.I was wondering if u could answer some of my questions?Q-1,what type n model of electric fan should i go with,hardness replace or splice if so from what company do u recomand?Anything esle that i should keep n mind?

  2. Sam I am not exactly sure which one you should go with. I would contact the creator of this project on Pro-touring using the link in the post or another site that could be useful would be ls1tech.com forums.

  3. I was just wondering what kind of fuel pump you had on yours. Have you ever ran it in an 1/8? The Astro does pretty good with the 350 in it considering that they weigh like 4800 lbs. I have the 88 model. My wife hates it and she wants me to get rid of it. That thing is my pride and joy thogh. It would be like getting rid of a member of the family. LOL.

  4. i have a 4.3 in my 89′ astro. im wanting to swap it with a supercharged 350. im wanting to know what block, heads, blower, e.c.u., wire harness, everything i would need to avoid any clearance issue or other problems i might encounter……

  5. saludos, tengo una chevy astro 94 V6 y quiero hacerla V8 y me interesa saber que es lo que tengo que hacer y si es muy dificil hacerlo y que componentes tengo que cambiar o comprar para este proyecto..

    lo que me puedan informar se lo voy agradecer…

  6. http://www.jagsthatrun.com has done extensive development of its LT1-into-Astro conversions; they have most parts and can recommend what they don’t carry.

    I am looking for info related to swapping in a small turbodiesel and an intercooler (mix & match is fine with me), as I am hoping to convert my fleet to biodiesel. Any ideas?

    1. The easiest way is to get a 6.2 or better, 6.5, keep it NA/non turbo, and look up ‘Buick Roadmaster Diesel’ for what would likely need to be done to put one in an Astro.

      There are other options, but if you’re going to expect a non-$10k+ donor vehicle swap, the 6.5l is probably the best way to go, and is easily one of the most efficient motors of it’s type. 150hp/250lb-ft, nothing ridiculous, but very usable, all you need, nothing you don’t, and bolts in anywhere a SBC does.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a Duramax myself, but they’re pricey, and if you’re not going to try and play internet hero and just want high mpgs (the Roadie wagon nudges 40mpg, but then, has way better aero than an Astro, so ymmv), hardly a better/easier option to be had, and no turbo issues.

  7. I have a 94 ext chevy astro and
    I put a magnaflow exhaust coming out
    the side just in front of the rear tire man
    talk about improvement!

    1. ive been thinking about putting the flat rear bumper on my 94 and cutting out the middle of it to put a center exhaust like a corvette

  8. I have a 93 Astro Van. I want to put either a 305 in it. Will the 305 fit into it and will it bolt to the same 4l60 trans? Or will the 350 be better?

  9. Hi guys, I have a 97 astro 4.3L with 216K, since I already have some troubles with this engine due to high mileage I think, I’ve been thinking about to swap a v8. My questions are, what kind of engine I should look for and what about the transmission, can I use the one that I have now? or Im going to need the one that the v8 uses. I’ve been reading a lot about the comp that they can be reprogramed and modified the wiring harness, sorry lots of questions, any help will be great, thank you.

  10. J.Gonzales, you can use the stock tranny, but since you have a 95+ Astro, you will need a new wiring harness. You will also need new motor mounts.

  11. Hey! I have a 1998 GMC Safari and I’m currently doing a 5.7L swap from a 1999 C1500. We are having some issues with the firewall connector.. What is the best wiring harness to use and/or how can I get this problem fixed. Help greatly appreciated!

  12. I have a 98 15×9 ion mags. It’s been my dream a clean v8 swop nothing radical just clean sleeper she would love it.

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