Mystery Swap: Rolls-Royce with Nissan V8

We are looking at Rolls-Royce probably a Phantom and apparently the client wants the V12 factory engine to be replaced by a 5.6L Nissan V8 engine. They would also like the engine to be twin turbocharged around 800 horsepower. If you know more let me know.

rolls-royce phantom with nissan v8 swap

nissan v8 engine going into rolls-royce phantom

5 thoughts on “Mystery Swap: Rolls-Royce with Nissan V8”

  1. Why not?
    Customer is no dummy, they just want high tech, and performance with a plus side of milage.

    Plus the many options for service.
    If that twin turbo engine was 500 miles anywhere near me, I’d be on my way if it was for sale.

  2. ha ha.. ITS NOT “Rolls-Royce ”
    this is 300C with cheap Rolls-Royce bodykit !
    and in this case, you may put Nissan V8 engine with 1001 horsepower !

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