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1963 Ferrari 250 with a Chevy 302 V8

Ferrari 330 America with Chevy 302 ci V8

Joe Allesandrino purchased a 1963 Ferrari 250 GT/E body after all the other parts were stripped and sent to Italy to make a GTO clone. He then installed a Chevy DZ 302 ci V8 from a 1969 Camaro Z/28 connected to a Tremec T-56 six-speed from a Viper and Ford 9″ rear end. The suspension is from Art Morrison and the car is 80 lbs off having a perfect 50/50 weight balance. Besides the body being authentic Ferrari the glass and badges are as well, with one badge alone worth $1,200.

Ferrari 330 America with Chevy 302 ci V8

Ferrari 330 America with Chevy 302 ci V8

Full Stats:

  • 1963 Ferrari GTE body (left over from GTO conversions)
  • 1963 GTE hood
  • NOS Nose Badge


  • custom 2×4 tubing .120 wall
  • 51/49 weight bias


  • front – Art Morrison Racing suspension
  • rear – Art Morrison Racing triangulated 4-link
  • QA1 four-way adjustable coilovers


  • Chevy 302 V8
  • destroked
  • short steel crank
  • 3.50 bore


  • Tremec six-speed from Viper
  • double overdrive with 0.83 and 0.50 gears
  • Ford 9″
  • Trac-Loc diff with 4.56 gears
  • 31 spline axles


  • disc brakes with Wilwood Bias-Bar

Source: RoadHeads and CarDomain via Jalopnik – Photos by Dsscats

2 thoughts on “1963 Ferrari 250 with a Chevy 302 V8”

  1. Gotta’ love this one and ….. the guy’s surname “Allesandrino” did not go unnoticed. He’ll probably have to seek a new ethnic heritage after his ancestors find out about it!

  2. I love the idea of heads exploding in the purist’s world over this car. I have the perfect license plate; “HATEME”.
    When this is done right, it just makes you smile.

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