First 2JZ Twin Turbo Corvette on Earth

This seems to be the first Toyota 2JZ powered Corvette on earth and it was done in Kuwait. We could not find too much information on this besides the youtube links which I have embedded below. If anyone knows more info on this swap let us know. Hopefully the creators will create a website or post more videos.

Cranking the motor up.

Starting up again.

Source: Fquick


  1. Mohammad Tareq

    If you interesting to know about this corvette the creator is my friend Essa and this car belong to my friend Al-Shatti , he bought my gt40 for this car and now he want to tune it, if you want any information for this car I will post to you ,

    Mohd Tareq Alzyab

  2. Mohammad Tareq

    I will give AL-SHATTI this site to reply with all info for this car ,,,
    more picture will post by him
    ,,, just waiting

  3. rashid

    im waitin also to get new info for the c4
    it unique idea ,,, most ppl swap american big block into light jp car
    but this case is the opposite … i prefer the 2j in z240 with TT it will fly on two wheel …

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