1958 Porsche 356 Audi S5 V8 07

1958 Porsche with a 356 Audi S5 V8

1958 Porsche with a 356 Audi S5 V8

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  1. Jerry Burklund

    I am very much interested in this 356 Porsche conversion to Audi V-8 engine.., as I have been researching various sites looking for an engine conversion to my 912 Porsche.. I am very satisfied with my 912, other than the power, or lack of power. I was hoping to find a conversion to a more powerful engine, most likely a 4 cyl Turbo,
    I have accomplished several conversions, all front engine cars, with small block Chevies and small block fords. One exception was a Ford Starliner. 2 dr hardtop, 1960, which we, actually most of the work was done by my brother, as I was serving in the Army, at that time, replaced a 352 ci engine with a 1963, Ford 406ci , three deuce, carbureted engine. This Ford 406 ci engine was advertised, by Ford, as producing 405 hp, although several
    independent shops dyno’d at closer to 500 hp,, which, when installed in the 1960 Ford Starliner, was more than adequate, during the mid 1960’s, when racing on our local dragstrip, ,competing with 396/409 ci Chevies, 421 Pontiacs ,396/ 427 Corvettes. I have installed small block chevy engines into a 1957, Volvo PV 444, Mercedes 220SE Coupe, as well as putting a Studebaker / Packard V-8 into a 1957 Stepside Studebaker Pickup, replacing the 6 cyl flathead 101 hp.
    O K, back to the 912 Porsche, I would appreciate any info pertaining to engine conversions to this little 1968 Porsche. I have looked into replacing the 912 engine with a late model 911 Porsche engine, although I don’t have the funds for which this 6 cylinder Porsche engine conversion would require.
    Jerry B.

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