Kawasaki Ninja Powered Snow Blower

If you live in an area where snow is an issue and would like a winter project to break up the boredom maybe you should do like these fine gentleman from Sweden and stick a 900cc Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle engine on a snow blower. Source: BangShift Advertisements


Uphill Sand Racing At Liwa 2015

Another video showing off high horsepower SUV uphill sand racing at Liwa UAE. This time around the videos are broken down to highlights, I6 and V8 only powered vehicles. Both classes are exciting to watch and multiple engines are pushed to their breaking point. One V8 engine is listed as 3,600 horsepower. Highlights from the … Read more

Nissan S15 With A VR38DETT

Although Nissan has been making the R35 since 2008, it’s still rare to see swaps using its amazing VR38DETT engine. So far I have only seen a few other projects using it. MB Automotive and Drift Street Imports’ Nissan S15 is the second. Behind the 3.8 L twin-turbo V6 is a Quaife 69G six-speed sequential … Read more

The Green Monster 1953 White Cabover

Jack Dick Customs built this unique 1953 White Cabover called The Green Monster. They only had the cab when they started. It was built on top of a 1979 Ford F-100 chassis which was shortened 28 inches. The engine is a Ford 351 Cleveland stroked to 400 connected to a three-speed FMX automatic transmission. Source: … Read more

1967 White 9500TD Semi Rat Rod

This unique Semi Rat Rod is built and owned by Kevin Michael of Four X Fabrication. He first thought of this design when he was only six years old. The truck has a 1985 Cummins NTC-475 with the factory twin compound turbos which is good for 730 horsepower and tons of torque. The truck is … Read more