Mercedes 190 with Toyota Yaris Motor


This project has me confused. Who would put a Yaris motor into a classic Mercedes? So immediately you think this is a kit car of some type. But then you see some of the wear and tear you might find on an original. So maybe someone had a classic 190 rusting in their backyard and then totaled their brand new Yaris. The individual who wrote up the eBay listing didn’t indicate this was a replica and claims its estimated market value to be $80,000.

Either way you have a 1959 Mercedes 190 shell with a 2009 Toyota Yaris drivetrain. Which means this is a front wheel drive car car now.

The listing started at $29,500 with a buy-now price of $35,500. The listing ended without any bids. So either the owner needs to drop the price or learn to enjoy this vehicle for the rest of their life.

Source: OppositeLock

2 thoughts on “Mercedes 190 with Toyota Yaris Motor”

  1. I see the pictures and – even if the are the real thing – I still can’t believe it is true. . .

    Just getting the idea for a project like this seems quite unusual, but it could of course end up as a fun story to tell and give a good laugh.

    But actually realizing it is – in my opinion – crossing a line that should not have been crossed. I believe (and hope) the owner will have to keep this sad project.

    1. I keep flipping back and forth. One day real, the next not.

      Either way the combo is bad for resale value. Even if the owner went with a more powerful Toyota engine it probably would have done better. The owner in a way has committed the ultimate sin in engine swap desirability, no power and outside the family.

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