Mercedes C230 with a Turbo VR6 Update

2002 Mercedes C230K with a turbo VR6

It’s been a year and half since we shared this 2002 Mercedes C230K project from Florida. Since then they finished replacing the factory supercharged 2.3 L M111 inline-four and 5G-Tronic (722.6) five-speed automatic transmission for a turbocharged 2.8 L (M104.900) VR6 and 716.648 six-speed manual transmission. To get the engine to work, they converted a … Read more

For Sale: Mercedes 190E with a Supercharged M111 Inline-Four

Mercedes 190E with a supercharged M111 inline-four

This 1990 Mercedes 190E (W201) is for sale in Łagiewniki-Borek Fałęcki, Poland for 130,000 PLN or about $34,528. We first discovered the car earlier this year when the builder Tuning Kingz unveiled it after two years of hard work. Under the hood sits a supercharged 2.3 L M111 inline-four from a Mercedes 230 Kompressor (W202) … Read more

1984 Mercedes 190E with a Turbo LSx V8

1984 Mercedes 190E with a turbo LSx V8

This 1984 Mercedes 190E (W201) was built by Rodney Nichols in Tennessee. The German sedan no longer sports the factory inline-four and now has an all-aluminum 5.3 L L33 V8 from a 2009 Chevy truck and 70 mm turbocharger. The V8 makes 505 horsepower on 18 psi of boost and 93 octane. So far the … Read more

Mercedes 190E with a Turbo M119 V8

Mercedes 190E with a Turbo M119 V8

This Mercedes 190E sedan was built to drift by Dyno Channel in Sweden uing an assortment of BMW and Mercedes parts. The team started by reinforcing the chassis, installed a turbocharged 2.8 L BMW M52TUB28 inline-six, and E46 front subframe and suspension. Last year they replaced the BMW inline-six with a turbocharged 5.0 L Mercedes … Read more