1975 Mercedes 280CE with a 434 ci Chevy V8

1975 Mercedes 280CE with a 434 ci Chevy V8

Nick Hale and his Redneck Racing team built their special 1975 Mercedes 280CE coupe to drag race. The hood scoop feeds air to a 434 ci Chevy V8 making 627 horsepower or 846 horsepower with nitrous. The motor features a Dart block, RPM stroker crank, forged pistons, Dart Pro 1 heads, and Holley Dominator carburetor. … Read more

Mercedes C230 with a Turbo VR6 Update

2002 Mercedes C230K with a turbo VR6

It’s been a year and half since we shared this 2002 Mercedes C230K project from Florida. Since then they finished replacing the factory supercharged 2.3 L M111 inline-four and 5G-Tronic (722.6) five-speed automatic transmission for a turbocharged 2.8 L (M104.900) VR6 and 716.648 six-speed manual transmission. To get the engine to work, they converted a … Read more

For Sale: Mercedes 190E with a Supercharged M111 Inline-Four

Mercedes 190E with a supercharged M111 inline-four

This 1990 Mercedes 190E (W201) is for sale in Łagiewniki-Borek Fałęcki, Poland for 130,000 PLN or about $34,528. We first discovered the car earlier this year when the builder Tuning Kingz unveiled it after two years of hard work. Under the hood sits a supercharged 2.3 L M111 inline-four from a Mercedes 230 Kompressor (W202) … Read more

1984 Mercedes 190E with a Turbo LSx V8

1984 Mercedes 190E with a turbo LSx V8

This 1984 Mercedes 190E (W201) was built by Rodney Nichols in Tennessee. The German sedan no longer sports the factory inline-four and now has an all-aluminum 5.3 L L33 V8 from a 2009 Chevy truck and 70 mm turbocharger. The V8 makes 505 horsepower on 18 psi of boost and 93 octane. So far the … Read more